What Types of Conditions Need Chiropractic Injury Treatment?

Injuries range from inconvenient to debilitating pain. Some may last for a short period while others can be chronic occurrences. While seeking the advice of your primary care physician is always advised, chiropractic care can be a useful, non-invasive treatment option. Below are several conditions that chiropractic practitioners help treat on a daily basis.

  • Sports Injuries

Injuries that result from sports not only create discomfort; they can become chronic should they go untreated. Sports injuries may be acute or they can affect an entire area. For example, strained or sprained joints, like your wrist or ankle, can cause injuries elsewhere as you avoid putting pressure on them.

Tennis elbow, golf elbow, and runner’s knee can prevent you from participating in the sports you love while also affecting your daily life. Proper chiropractic care will not only treat the immediate injury, but also the area around it to minimize the chance of re-injury. Pulled muscles, torn ligaments and various aches and pains that result from sports are also candidates for chiropractic treatments.

  • Auto Injuries

Injuries that result from automobile accidents can range in severity. Whiplash, which typically is caused by the sudden jarring motion that occurs in an accident, can damage the muscles, ligaments and tendons. While your primary care physician may schedule x-rays or prescribe medication to ease the pain, a chiropractor can help to actually treat the injuries that have resulted from your accident. X-rays will not reveal the extent of your whiplash injury. Through spinal adjustments and manipulations, a licensed chiropractor can help restore the spine to its natural position after an accident without the use of potentially addicting medications or surgery.

  • Chronic Injuries & Reoccurring Conditions

Sciatica, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and bursitis are all chronic conditions that can be painful. A chiropractor can help reduce pains associated with these conditions. Whether making chiropractic adjustments to your spine, wrist or other affected areas, visiting your local Longview, WA chiropractor can help you regain flexibility and restore your quality of life. Pregnancy-related back pains are also treatable by a licensed chiropractic practitioner.

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Injuries affect your quality of life. Whether they affect your next CrossFit Challenge or your everyday mobility, an injury can go from acute to chronic quickly. Treating any injury can make a difference and your chiropractor can help. Family Chiropractic Care is located in the Longview, WA area. Our full range of services are aimed at easing your pain and getting you back to running marathons are quickly and safely as possible.

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