Spinal & Posture Screenings

Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA and Kelso, WA, offers state-of-the-art spinal and posture screenings. For more information on this treatment, please contact our office at today.

Ensuring that we fully understand the health of your spine is the first step in assessing your chiropractic needs. In the initial stage of evaluation, Dr. Still will examine any misalignments of your spine and the effect your posture is having on your overall health. Prevention is the key to taking care of your spine, so you need an experienced and highly trained chiropractor that can accurately diagnose and treat any current discomfort from which you are suffering, as well as identifying any potential issues before they arise.

Why are Your Spinal Alignment and Posture Important?

Proper alignment of your spine is paramount to the health of your body. Your spine is essentially your nervous system, which, if misaligned, can cause bouts of pain with only the slightest of movements. Along with your spine, your skeletal structure via your posture supports your entire body. Prolonged poor posture can have numerous negative effects on your body that include misshapen bones and significant aches and pains. Similarly, posture can affect your spinal alignment by continually putting it at risk of stress and strain causing long-term issues, such as chronic neck and back pain, headaches and/or recurrent muscle spasms.

Using a series of x-rays as a guide, our Longview Chiropractor can see images of your spine that tell the specialist exactly what parts of your neck and back are being impacted by improper spinal alignment and poor posture. Armed with information from x-rays and other diagnostic tools, we can advise you on a treatment plan that will be aimed at skillfully tackling your spinal alignment and posture problems. Upon completion of your treatment, a welcomed result might be that seemingly unrelated symptom will suddenly disappear that you didn’t realize were related to your spinal alignment and posture.

At the offices of Dr. Still in Longview, WA and Kelso WA, we are dedicated to your spinal and skeletal health. Our remarkable expertise allows us to provide you with excellent treatment options you need from your chiropractic services. Only a chiropractic specialist with an extensive amount of experience can conduct spinal screenings and posture screenings that provide the basis for successful chiropractic treatment.

Family Chiropractic Care offers outstanding spinal screenings in Kelso, WA, and first-rate posture screenings at our office in Longview, WA, so please contact us today at and let us help you feel better!