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Family Chiropractic Care chiropractic care Longview WA has been promoting good health and well-being since 1992. Using a whole person approach, Dr. Rick Still has helped patients correct their chronic aches and pains. Hands-on-techniques and the latest technologies are used to correct back and spine issues, posture-related issues, and pains.

Located just across the Cowlitz River, we service both Kelso, WA and Longview, WA.

Every patient’s needs are different. The first appointment will consist of an evaluation to determine which chiropractic procedure is right for your specific needs. We will discuss your health goals so that we can have a better understanding of how to make you “whole” again.

After the evaluation is complete. Dr. Rick Still will recommend one or many corrective services.

Believing in the whole body approach, we go beyond the normal back cracking and alignment seen in movies. We do that too – but your body may need more than an alignment.

Full-Body Chiropractic Approach Services

Our Longview Chiropractor offers the following services:


Dr. Rick Still performs chiropractic correction techniques to help align the spine. Spinal adjustment is done to alleviate pains and return a person’s spine back to the proper state to allow for healing.

Corrective Exercises

Weak muscles are often to blame for spine-related issues. Spinal correction efforts are boosted by 30 – 40 percent when corrective exercises are followed. Strained or out-of-place muscles and connective tissue are painful, but specific exercises and stretches will help your body heal faster and maintain proper health – minus the pain.

Nutritional Assessment

Optimal health requires more than a corrective technique. Our team can recommend healthy food and supplement choices to help your body return to optimal health. A structured nutrition plan can be provided that works off of your body’s individual needs.

Massage Therapy

Muscles and ligaments can become sore and inflamed. Stretching does help, but massage therapy works perfectly alongside exercise and stretching. We have 5 licensed massage therapists on-staff that will help relax and loosen muscles, so they can heal faster.

Lifestyle advice and screenings are also offered in our offices.

If you’ve had enough of the aches and pains, it’s time to get professional help. to schedule your appointment.