Ways You Can Prevent Running Injuries

Sports Injury Treatment at Family Chiropractic Care | Longview, WA Injuries sustained from running can result in long-term chronic pain that cannot be relieved by simple rest of the muscles and joints. Common running injuries include plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, shin splints, tearing of ligaments and lower back pain. The forceful impact to the body with each step taken must be counteracted through preventive measures and injury-management techniques aimed at keeping your body free from pain and injury.

At Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA, we specialize in treating chronic pain and sports injuries provoked by strenuous exercises, such as running, and work to support our clients in living a healthy lifestyle.

To reduce your risk of injury, here are 5 ways you can prevent running injuries:

  1. Create a personalized treatment with the Family Chiropractic team that includes spinal adjustments, massage and nutrition to ensure your body is prepared for the demands of running.
  2. Wear performance shoes specifically manufactured for running. Running shoes are designed to cushion your foot and absorb some of the impact of running, which can reduce the stress to your feet, muscles and knees.
  3. Do not run if your body or muscles feel fatigued or you are experiencing pain in your body. Exercising through pain or before your body has healed from an injury is never recommended as your body needs to time to heal or you can seriously injure your body.
  4. Work slowly towards your running goals without pushing too hard. Gradual increases in intensity and duration will allow your body to adjust and prevent running injuries.
  5. Stay hydrated. If you run in a state of dehydration, you will risk suffering pulled muscles, torn ligaments, decreased stamina, prolonged time for the body to heal, heat stroke, and increased chance of tripping and falling.

Sports Injury Treatment in Longview, WA

At Family Chiropractic Care in Longview WA, we can support you in your goal to participate in the activity of running while avoiding injury. If you are training for an upcoming marathon or running for pleasure, the experts of Family Chiropractic can develop an adjustment and massage schedule that will ensure your body is primed and ready to go when you are. Contact Family Chiropractic today at to learn how we assist you in preventing injuries that can hold you back from your love of running!