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We believe that the path to overall wellness starts with a holistic approach to pain management and relief. Dr. Rick Still, has been a licensed chiropractic practitioner for over 34 years. Using advanced techniques and his experience, Dr. Still treats the entire individual to help remove and reduce the patient’s pain. This results in a better and more long-lasting treatment as pain and other issues are often exasperated by some lifestyle or diet choices.

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We Offer More than Chiropractic Care!

Are you looking to reduce your stress level? We have a licensed massage therapist that can treat you right here in our office in Longview, WA. The convenience of a team working for you and with you in one location helps increase your overall wellbeing. Our licensed massage therapist provides all types of massage including the stress relieving deep tissue massage as well as amazing hot stone massages.

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As part of treating the whole individual, we offer nutritional assessments. Our in-house nutritionist can evaluate you and treat you based on your own specific wants, needs and goals for a new you. They can provide information on diet as well as give advice for those you are looking to change their lifestyle through small but significant changes. They can help with some common but important lifestyle changes like increasing your water intake, improving your diet and creating an exercise plan. Don’t know where to start? Take the stress out of the process by having a team to help work with you for your health. Creating a plan that incorporates body and mind into your overall wellness treatment plan is easier than you think.

Take the opportunity to get the high-quality care that you deserve now. Don’t delay in getting the help and the treatment that you deserve. Whether you are looking for pain relief, help with stress management, improvement in your diet, or just an overall life improvement change, we can help you.

Our Massage Therapists

Grady Tift – Relaxation, Deep tissue, Hot stone, Trigger point, Sports Massage and Gua Sha
Shyla Culpepper – Relaxation, Hot stone, Deep tissue, Cupping, Barefoot Massage, and Pregnancy Massage.


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 “I am a true believer of Chiropractic care and feel taking care of your spine is so much better than any pill a person can take. Thank you so much Dr. Still for your healing hands and your professional care you have given me. You gave me my life back!”

-Sandy Larson