Nutritional Assessment

Nutritional Assessment Longview, WA

Have you considered that in order to achieve an optimal level of health you need to address your nutritional intake? People have a habit of overlooking how their diet may be negatively impacting their bodies. A  chiropractic nutritional assessment by a qualified nutritionist, such as those offered by the office of Dr. Rick Still in both Longview, WA and Kelso, WA, can direct you on what to cut out of your diet, how to eat healthy and what supplements to take that will improve your overall heath.

What is a Nutritional Assessment?

Nutritional Assessment Kelso, WA A nutritional chiropractic care evaluates your food and nutrient intake based on your eating habits and lifestyle, while taking into consideration your bodily makeup and any medical issues that impact your health.

Four Main Components of a Nutritional Assessment

  • Historical Information and Medical History: Historical information assists the nutritionist in determining how well a person chews and digests food; whether the home environment supports balanced nutrition; and the dependency status of the person with relying on others for care. Medical history plays a big role in proper nutrition. Certain medical conditions decrease the efficiency of nutrient absorption, so it’s especially important to calculate what may be lost during the digestion process.
  • Anthropometrics: This is the measurement of your body’s characteristics, such as height, weight, muscle mass, and percentage of body fat.
  • Biochemical Testing: Blood tests can provide the nutritionist with precise readings of your level of albumin, iron and creatinine, as well as other important measurements of the chemicals in your blood to identify any health concerns that must be addressed in the nutritional plan.
  • Physical Observation: There are signs of nutritional deficiencies that a nutritionist can immediately spot upon a physical examination, such as brittle hair and nails and rough or scaly skin. In addition to these obvious indicators, the nutritionist will ask you about any unusual bowel movements or eating habits that may point to an issue with your digestive tract.

A nutritional assessment by a nutritionist with the officer of Dr. Rick Still will culminate in a complete nutritional program tailored to your body, so you can start feeling the benefits of complete nutrition right away. If you are in need of a nutritional assessment or chiropractic services in Longview, WA, or looking for a nutritionist based in Longview, WA or Kelso, WA, Dr. Rick Still and his staff are the experts you need to guide you down the road towards healthy living. Please call us today at to set up your nutritional assessment to find out how to be a healthier you.