How Massage Therapy in Longview, WA Can Help High-Stress Living

Let us face it: life can be stressful. The massage therapists at Family Chiropractic Care offer a multitude of services that can help reduce that stress, loosen stiff muscles and ease pains associated with them. In addition to traditional massage techniques, our massage therapists have been specially trained to give you a custom massage tailored to your needs. This includes the latest techniques, such as hot stone, oils and deep tissue massages.

Hot Stone

A hot stone massage is a variation of the standard massage. It includes the use of flat, heated stones on specific areas of the body. These stones help to loosen the surface muscles below, which allows the massage therapist access to deeper muscle layers. The hot stones also encourage blood vessels to expand, thus encouraging blood flow. This is particularly useful in patients who suffer from cramps or blood clots. Hot stone massages are deeply relaxing and known to promote healthy sleep, relieve prolonged pain, and reduce stress and anxiety overall.

Essential Oils & Raindrop Techniques

Essential oils can contribute greatly to the treatment of stress or anxiety. These oils contain natural healing properties that activate calming, soothing portions of your brain during a massage. Essential oils can be added directly to the massage oil, diffused in the air, or applied via a raindrop technique. Different scents can help ease various conditions. Lavender, for example, has long been associated with easing stress, anxiety, depression, and migraines. Tea tree, on the other hand, is often used to help treat coughs, nausea, insomnia and asthma. Working with your massage therapist can help them hone an essential oil treatment tailored to meet your needs.

Deep Tissue Massages

Sometimes, the stress we suffer from causes aches that sink below our surface muscles. When this occurs, the traditional massage may not go quite as deep as we need. Deep tissue massages reach those muscles below the surface. If your stress has you in a constant state of pain, a deep tissue massage may be required to realign your muscles with the connective tissue.

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Finding a certified and experienced massage therapist is as important as the massage itself. If you are located in the Longview, WA area, the massage therapists at Family Chiropractic Care can help you reduce stress, ease aches and loosen up. Call us now at . They are trained to provide the best care to their clients in a professional environment.