Best Stretching Exercises for Desk Jobs

Do you have a desk job that leaves you sitting at a desk for hours on end? You might want some healthy living advice on how to prevent stiffness and other health-related issues associated with this kind of job. Read on to learn more about some stretches and different ways you can prevent further pain […]

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Frozen Shoulder Treatment: How Chiropractors Can Help

What is Frozen Shoulder? The condition called frozen shoulder affects your shoulder joint which is comprised of three bones and connective tissues. With frozen shoulder, the tissue and joint fluid that surrounds the ball-and-socket joint can thicken and become tight. This causes a decrease in mobility and an increase in discomfort and pain. As time […]

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Longview Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain Relief

Whether you play sports or not, your shoulders are one of the most used joints on a daily basis. In fact, your shoulder is both the most flexible and most unstable joint in your entire body. Because of its wide range of motion, this leaves your shoulder much more susceptible to injuries, stress and pains. […]

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