Frozen Shoulder Treatment: How Chiropractors Can Help

What is Frozen Shoulder?

The condition called frozen shoulder affects your shoulder joint which is comprised of three bones and connective tissues. With frozen shoulder, the tissue and joint fluid that surrounds the ball-and-socket joint can thicken and become tight. This causes a decrease in mobility and an increase in discomfort and pain. As time goes on, scar tissue can form in the joint area and less fluid is available to lubricate the joint. This decreases mobility further, making it nearly impossible to move the shoulder. Sufferers go through three stages called the freezing phase, the frozen phase, and the thawing phase.

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The freezing phase is when you notice initial limitations and decreased mobility. This tends to follow some type of injury or trauma to the area. There may be pain associated with the freezing stage, but more often than not, decreased mobility is the noticeable first symptom. In the frozen phase, the joint fluid thickens and more pain may present while mobility decreases further. Finally, in the thawing phase, the pain may subside as inflammation reduces and mobility starts to increase.  

Get Shoulder Pain Relief

While frozen shoulder seems to develop following injury, women tend to suffer from the problem more often than men especially between the ages of 40 and 60. Chiropractic work can definitely benefit the sufferer and provide pain relief. At Longview Chiropractic, our approach focuses on techniques that increase flexibility and decrease the chronic pain that frozen shoulder can cause. By working on the joint flexibility and increasing range of motion, your Longview chiropractor can decrease the risk of persistent shoulder problems.

How Chiropractic Treatments can Help

Chiropractic care of frozen shoulder is one of the most effective ways to provide long term healing and relief. Specific treatments for frozen shoulder include early identification to prevent stiffness from setting in and controlled techniques for preserving what motion there is and restoring the lost mobility. Your Longview Chiropractor will conduct an assessment of shoulder motion and determine the level of mobility decrease. From there, treatment levels may vary and can include manual shoulder manipulation or adjustments with specialize equipment to provide the right pressures and force. The best scenario for the patient is early detection and a focus on prevention. This is why regular chiropractic care is important especially if you have already suffered from a frozen shoulder in the past.

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Contact the specialists at Family Chiropractic Care in Longview. Our focus is on overall patient well-being. Regular care can help reduce the development of issues like frozen shoulder. If you are already feeling pain and discomfort, it is important to give us a call today so we can determine the best treatment path going forward.