Longview Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Pain Relief

Whether you play sports or not, your shoulders are one of the most used joints on a daily basis. In fact, your shoulder is both the most flexible and most unstable joint in your entire body. Because of its wide range of motion, this leaves your shoulder much more susceptible to injuries, stress and pains. If you are looking for shoulder pain relief, a visit to your local Longview chiropractor may help.

Get Shoulder Pain Relief

When Should I See My Longview Chiropractor About Shoulder Pain?

Living in pain is never the answer. Your shoulders play a serious role in tasks of all complexities, from opening a door to shooting some hoops. If your shoulder pain is affecting your everyday life, it might be time to see your local chiropractor. The same is true if you have suffered from an injury that triggered your shoulder pain.

Concerning Types of Shoulder Pain

Any prolonged or intense shoulder pain can be concerning. For athletes, shoulder pains are often caused by injuring or over-stressing their rotor cuff. However, anyone who performs a repetitive activity that utilizes the shoulder can suffer from this as well. Construction workers, for example, have an increased risk of shoulder injuries and pain.

Other concerning types of shoulder pain include dislocation, frozen shoulder, shoulder bursae, tendinitis and sprains. The severity of each underlying cause of your shoulder pain affects how much it affects your day. Frozen shoulder, for example, can lead to intense, debilitating shoulder pain that lasts for years if not treated.

How to Treat My Shoulder Pain

Before your local Longview chiropractor prescribes a specific treatment regimen, they will want to fully evaluate the condition. To do this, they may require a full physical, x-rays or MRIs, or other such diagnostic testing. Doing this helps your chiropractor to determine the underlying cause of your shoulder pain and the best way to get relief.

At Family Chiropractic Care, the knowledgeable staff work to ensure you receive a top-quality service. From our chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and at-home corrective exercises to nutritional and lifestyle advice, we work hard to help you live pain free. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive alternative to medications and surgery. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Rick Still and his staff can help you get the should pain relief you have been searching for.

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