What To Do When Your Back Is Out Of Place

You’ve just helped your neighbors move. The box at the store was just a little too heavy. This chair wasn’t as heavy the last time you moved it. We’ve all had these moments before. It’s never a good time to throw out your back. Here are a few tips to help you when it does happen.

The first item of business is straightening yourself out and upright. Assume a posture that will get your back in a good neutral position where you won’t do additional damage. Your back will be in the right position if your shoulders are over your hips and your back feels long.

If you are not already, stand in this neutral position. Use your core muscles, think front torso. This is their job – to be strong to reinforce the strength needed on the back half of your body.

Once you are able to get upright, don’t do anything that will make the injury worse. That sounds obvious, but bending, lifting or twisting (BLT to you acronym lovers out there) won’t do you any favors. Don’t lean over to put things up off the floor. Use your knees to squat and lift. Think of your whole body as a whole – don’t twist but hinge at the waist. Turn your whole body for movement to reduce possible additional back pain.

Next stop – the medicine cabinet. Take some ibuprofen to help with the pain. They are also an anti-inflammatory so that will help also. You can use additional topical creams that have a pain relief component. Most of these types of creams or gels will give you some immediate relief and help bring down the swelling.

Once you get to a place that you are able to – lay down and rest. It is often encouraged to rest the entire lower back against a solid surface. Sometimes a firm bed will do the trick. The floor is plenty hard if your bed doesn’t do the trick.

Relax. Stress will just make the injury worse. You can contact your chiropractor for an appointment as well. They can help you feel better and possibly determine how you can avoid this in the future.

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