What do Chiropractors Look For in a Posture Screening?

Mom was right, your posture is important. In addition to helping your body’s weight evenly distribute itself, good posture is key for maintaining proper spinal alignment, putting equal amounts of stress on your hips and legs, and improving your overall health and well-being. Not only that, but good posture makes you taller! When you undergo […]

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How the Best Chiropractor in Longview, WA Can Help Improve Your Range of Motion

Pain and limited mobility can affect all aspects of your life. When we are younger, our flexibility and range of motion may seem to have no boundaries. As we age, however, health conditions and natural wear and tear can impede our flexibility and reduce our range of motion. In serious cases, it can disrupt our […]

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Why You Need To Check Your Child’s Posture

As parents, we often overlook that behind every physical activity of our children, there might be a risk to them. That includes looking out especially for their health. One of the most vital functions in their body is having a good posture. While it may be usual to see our children slouch, you must be […]

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