How the Best Chiropractor in Longview, WA Can Help Improve Your Range of Motion

Pain and limited mobility can affect all aspects of your life. When we are younger, our flexibility and range of motion may seem to have no boundaries. As we age, however, health conditions and natural wear and tear can impede our flexibility and reduce our range of motion. In serious cases, it can disrupt our way of life and impede daily activities. Even tying your shoes can become a trying experience when this occurs. However, studies have shown that a visit to your chiropractor may help improve, if not restore, your range of motion.

Find the Cause

When first visiting a chiropractor, make sure you explain your symptoms, concerns, and desires to your practitioner. Often, your chiropractor in Longview, WA will work with your primary care physician, but they will want to conduct their own assessment. As realignment specialists, it is important for them to evaluate you themselves to ensure they prescribe the right treatment plan for you.

Commit to Chiropractic Treatment

Age, injuries, weight and chronic conditions are examples of things that can decrease your range of motion. Pain, in particular, can cause stiffness, swelling and decreased flexibility. This creates a catch-22. If an activity causes us pain, we tend to stop doing it. This cannot only affect immediate activities, but it can restrict future ones as well. If we fail to use those muscles, they continue to weaken. This can lead to quicker injuries in the future, stiffening joints and scar tissue, which will continue to lessen our range of motion.

Understanding that each part influences the whole, a chiropractor will work with you to come up with a manageable treatment plan that addresses your specific issues and concerns. Using readjustments to manipulate your spine or other body parts, a chiropractor can help you regain your flexibility and range of motion. In addition to this, a certified chiropractor can help you understand proper posture, everyday activities you can do to improve your alignment naturally, and nutritional impacts.

Everyday Practice

After your first alignment, ongoing self-care can help continue to increase your range of motion between chiropractic visits. Your chiropractic practitioner can help you learn simple, everyday movements and exercises that can strengthen your muscles and encourage positive movements. If weight is a contributing factor, your chiropractic care plan should include proper nutritional guidelines.

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