5 Ways to Use Nutritional Assessments to Your Advantage

We put it off because we don’t want to know how much we could really improve, because improving requires change. A nutritional assessment is one way to determine exactly what we need to change in our lives to achieve optimum health. Here’s five ways that you can use a nutritional assessment to your advantage. #1 […]

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What is Nutritional Chiropractic Care?

Because what we put in our bodies is so important, many practitioners are adding nutritional chiropractic care as a part of their offerings. So what is it? Nutrition is so important to how our bodies work and function. Food is not only what we need to power our bodies but to keep all of our […]

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What Does A Nutritionist Do?: Tips from a Chiropractor in Longview, WA

At Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA, our team of professionals led by Dr. Rick Still believes in whole body wellness, which means we do not solely treat a client’s presenting condition, issue or ailment, such as back pain, a pulled shoulder muscle or poor posture. Each system of the body is interconnected and each must […]

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