5 Ways to Use Nutritional Assessments to Your Advantage

We put it off because we don’t want to know how much we could really improve, because improving requires change. A nutritional assessment is one way to determine exactly what we need to change in our lives to achieve optimum health. Here’s five ways that you can use a nutritional assessment to your advantage.

#1 Gives you a baseline to compare against. A nutritional assessment covers all your intake, your lifestyle and your personal medical history. This gives you and the nutritionist something to compare the optimum data with. There are four different parts to the assessment.

  • Anthropometrics – these are measurements on your body muscle, fat, weight, etc.
  • Biochemical – these are measurements on your blood or urine.
  • Clinical – this information includes medical history as well as all medications, including vitamins
  • Dietary – this is a breakdown of the food intake.

#2 Your nutritionist compiles all the information that you give to him or her and works with you to understand what problems or issues you are facing. Maybe you are having knee and back pain. The nutritionist may determine that losing a few pounds will reduce some stress and strain on your, helping to ease the pain.

#3 Gives you an unbiased opinion. It’s easy to look at a spouse or someone they love and tell them what they want to hear regarding their looks. But a nutritionist will use your nutritional assessment to show you honestly where you need to and can improve your overall lifestyle.

#4 Gives you support. A nutritional assessment gives you a team of experience to create a plan to improve certain areas of your life.

#5  Gives you an opportunity to change. We all want to be a little bit healthier, some of us want to be a lot healthier. By making some small changes, we can improve our health. Big changes will improve it quicker, but a nutritional assessment can show us the “low hanging fruit” on the tree of change. Small changes in a few areas can result in a large overall change. Schedule your appointment for a nutritional assessment today!

Nutritional Chiropractic Care in Kelso, WA

A complete nutritional treatment plan created by an experienced nutritionist is the only way to ensure you are promoting your overall health. When nutritional guidance is combined with expert chiropractic care, you can achieve whole body wellness that supports an active, healthy lifestyle. To improve your health, schedule a consultation appointment today with the Family Chiropractic Care team by calling at 360-636-2636!