How is Deep Tissue Massage Different from Regular Massage?

How is Deep Tissue Massage Different from Regular Massage Massages, in general, are performed to relax muscles, increase circulation and treat pain and musculoskeletal injuries. At Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA, the experienced licensed massage therapists work with your chiropractor, Dr. Rick Still, to create a massage session that may utilize deep tissue and/or regular massage to provide you with a healing experience. While it is possible for both of these techniques to be performed during the same session, there are main differences between these two types of massages.  

Deep tissue massage is typically aimed at treating sites of acute and chronic pain by applying heavy to moderate pressure in a linear direction in an effort to relieve muscle tightness. For some clients, muscular tightness may be responsible for poor posture, so deep tissue massage can also be used as an additional chiropractic tool to assist in correcting poor posture.

Regular massage, also known as Swedish massage, is mainly employed to induce whole body relaxation and improve circulation. By kneading the muscles in muscular groups throughout the body with gentle pressure, any surface tension in the muscles is released allowing circulation to increase. By promoting circulation, Swedish massage supports healthy muscles that serve to protect the entire musculoskeletal system and also improves the functioning of the immune system. Another added benefit of Swedish massage is the discovery of hidden muscular knots that may have gone unnoticed.

When these two massage techniques are applied during the same massage session, the combination of these therapeutic chiropractic therapies can strengthen the muscles, increase flexibility, prepare the body for exercise and sports participation, reduce the risk of injury and help to maintain whole body wellness. The Family Chiropractic Care team will work with you to determine your preferences for massage techniques, assess the types of services that will best help you and create a personalized treatment plan that will support your goal of living a healthy life.

Longview Deep Tissue Massage

The licensed massage therapists of Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA, are skilled and extensively trained to perform various types of massage therapies that will support the health of your body, including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and hot stone massage. If you experience muscular tension or have suffered a muscular injury, Family Chiropractic Care can help you. Please schedule your initial consultation with Family Chiropractic Care in Longview today by calling at.