Health Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

health benefits of a hot stone massage | Hot Stone Massage Longview WA A hot stone massage has been proven to provide a number of lasting benefits for the clients of Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA. With its focus on applying heat to specific points of the body with the placement of heated, smooth stones, relaxation is but one of the notable advantages of hot stone massage. If you are considering hot stone massage, it is helpful to understand the health benefits associated with this type of treatment to determine if it is right for you.

  • Promoting relaxation: The comfort of heated stones lying on certain spots of your body is the first benefit you will notice. Your mind will relax and your body will soon follow. While you may feel this immediate sensation of overall mental and physical relaxation, the heat emanating from the stones also relaxes your muscles. The more your muscles loosen from the application of heat, the easier it will be for your licensed massage therapist of Family Chiropractic Care to massage your tense, sore muscles.
  • Increasing circulation: Tight muscles can, in effect, decrease the amount of blood flowing by constricting the blood vessels in the muscles. Hot stone massage relaxes muscles and increases circulation, which further improves the health of the muscles.  
  • Allowing for a deeper tissue massage: Embedded muscular knots can be difficult for your massage therapist to locate and reach. A hot stone massage can work to relieve surface tension and uncover previously inaccessible sites for a deeper tissue massage than was possible prior to the application of heat.
  • Providing relief from pain: The application of direct heat is recommended by various medical professionals for a wide range of conditions that cause pain and inflammation. Hot stone massage works in the same way to treat achiness, chronic pain and pain due to injury.  

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