5 Chronic Back Pain Treatment Options for Relief

When you suffer from chronic back pain, even the simplest everyday tasks can become grueling, painful nightmares. Back pain can affect nearly every physical task you perform, and can seriously impact your overall quality of life. If you have decided you are finished living with back pain, here are a few non-surgical treatments for you to consider.

Medication– Probably one of the easiest ways to treat back pain and manage it effectively without surgery is medication. Whether you choose acetaminophen. NSAIDs (ibuprofen or naproxen), oral steroids, muscle relaxants or narcotics, medication can alleviate your back pain and allow you to get back to your everyday activities. However, many people do not like taking medication on a long-term basis, and many of the prescription pain medications can become highly addictive over time.

Heat and/or Ice– A simple yet effective strategy for managing back pain, using an ice pack or a heating pad can provide temporary relief. Patients have found ice and heat particularly effective on the lower back region, and some people find that alternating between heat and ice works the most effectively on their chronic back pain.

Manual Manipulation– Enlisting the help of a chiropractor in Kelso or Longivew WA or osteopathic doctor for the manual manipulation treatment can help relieve back pain by increasing flexibility, improving blood flow and reducing muscle tension. Manual manipulation should always be practiced by a licensed professional to avoid serious injury.

Therapeutic Massage– Using massage therapy is a great way to reduce stiffness in your muscles and improve your blood flow, which can make your back feel better. Make sure your massage therapist is experienced in back pain management in order to get maximum results from your session.

Exercise– By performing specialized back corrective exercises, you can begin to feel better and say goodbye to chronic back pain! Back exercises generally include a mixture of strength training, stretching and low-impact aerobics. Not only is exercise good for you overall, but it will help strengthen your back and work out any kinks you have.

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