5 Surprising Causes of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is something thousands of Americans suffer from every year. However, while some pain may be easily explained by an injury or bad night on the couch, chronic issues may stem from some surprising sources.

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Do You Experience Upper Back Pain?

If you experience upper back pain, changing certain behaviors and habits may be more beneficial than you believe.

For example, psychological issues may lead to upper back pain. While there are plenty of theories about why, studies have shown that pent up emotions do often come with upper back pain. One theory is that internalizing your stress creates tension in your body. This tension causes blood vessels to constrict, which slows the blood supply to your muscles. Not only can this create pain, it can also prevent you from exercising or stretching those muscles out.

Sports are another cause. Constantly overusing your muscles or joints can lead to pain. Inflammation, joint disruption, and strains can all contribute to upper back pain. While a chiropractor easily relieves most of your upper back pain associated with sports-related injuries – some may need several sessions.

Is Your Diet Related to Your Back Pain?

An unhealthy lifestyle can trigger upper back pain. While things like smoking and laying around are obvious, your diet may surprise you. When you regularly eat unhealthy foods or overindulge, it can lead to increased weight gain. This additional weight can increase the burden on your spine. As such, it can lead to chronic upper back pain, amongst other health issues.

What Does Your Posture Look Like?

Posture is another thing that can cause upper back pain. Looking down at your phone for long periods of time, crouching over a keyboard all day, and hunching while you walk are all examples of poor posture. Why? Your spine is perfectly designed to sit most comfortably in “neutral position”. When you constantly lean or hunch, it misaligns your spine. Prolonged time in these conditions can serious aggravate your spine and lead to upper back pain.

Get Checked Out By an Expert: Chiropractic in Longview, WA

A visit to your local Longview, WA chiropractor can help ease your upper back pain. After an initial consultation, where your chiropractor performs an examination and verbal assessment, they will work with you to come up with a treatment tailored to your needs. This treatment may include lifestyle change recommendations, stretches and at-home exercises, spinal manipulation or a combination of things.

If you are looking for a custom upper back pain treatment plan to help ease your suffering, contact Family Chiropractic Care today!