5 Not-So-Fun Facts about Back Pain

Back pain is all too common in our world. Everywhere you look you see someone advertising some form of relief for back pain. It’s impossible to escape at this point in time.  Let’s face it there’s probably a good chance that you’ve suffered from back pain at some point in your life. Here are five fun facts about back pain. 

It’s more common than you think

Eight out of 10 people will deal with some sort of back pain in their lifetime. It may be dull, sharp, constant, or sudden.  This makes back pain one of the most common medical conditions in America today. Hopefully you’ll be one of the 2 out of 10 people that never suffers from back pain. 


It’s a big part of chiropractic care

The American chiropractic Association did a survey and found out that 35% of chiropractic patients are being treated for back pain.  That means over a third of all chiropractic patients suffer from back pain. That’s a huge percentage when you take into account the fact that chiropractors can treat a wide range of problems. We’re talking millions of people here.


It affects a good amount of military men and women

According to data 20% of all military medical discharge is because of low back pain. Think about all the ways you can injure yourself in the military. There’s an endless amount of ways injuries can happen and what body parts can be injured, and a fifth of the discharges are from back pain! It looks like they need more chiropractors in the military. 


Low back pain cost Americans a lot of money

According to the Journal of the American osteopathic Association Americans costs related to low back pain was $100 billion per year as of 2009. That includes cost of the actual care, lost wages, and reduced productivity.  That’s more than the GDP of a lot of countries. Americans need to start taking better care of their backs!


Back pain is an always caused by what you think

Back pain can because by other issues in the body. You may experience pain in the middle of your back that it’s more intense after eating if you have a stomach ulcer. If you have inter-mitten back pain that goes all the way down to your groin you may be dealing with kidney stones. 


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