Good Exercise Habits & Aging: Advice from Expert Chiropractor in Longview, WA

Exercise that gets your heart pumping is important at any age. However, as your body advances in age, it becomes more susceptible to muscle loss and injury. In order to protect your aging body, there are 6 good exercise habits you should follow to ensure your exercise routine is effective and does not cause damage to your body:

  1. Always stretch before and after exercising. By stretching, you will prepare your body for the upcoming workout, decrease your post-exercise soreness and reduce your risk of injury.
  2. Don’t push yourself too hard. As the years go by, you’ll notice that your recovery time from exercising takes longer. Low-impact exercises that focus on cardio and flexibility will accommodate your changing body and make your recovery period more tolerable.
  3. Make sure you are practicing proper form while exercising. If you are positioned incorrectly while exercising, you will likely suffer injury. For instance, hunching your back can lead to misalignment of the spine and pulled muscles in your back, shoulders and legs.
  4. Stick to a regular exercise routine. If you stop and start exercising from one week or one month to the next, you will lengthen your recovery time up to days or increase the likelihood of injury.
  5. Keep exercising. Just because you are forced to adjust your exercise routine to match your body, it doesn’t mean that you should stop exercising. In fact, the less you exercise, the faster you will lose muscle mass, which weakens your body. Regardless of your age, you should always exercise.
  6. Add variety to your routine. Avoid adhering to the same exercises every day. Focus on a cardio session of rigorous walking or light running every other day, if your knees can handle the compression. On alternate days, light weight training is preferable over straining to pick up a stacked barbell.

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