What is Trigger Point Therapy and Why Is It Good for You?

You may have never heard the term “trigger point” before, but you probably have experienced one at some point in your life. Trigger points are those tight areas within your muscles that, when touched, can cause pain elsewhere in your body. For example, a trigger point in your back or shoulder blade can affect more than just the immediate area. Because of the complex network of muscles, nerves, and tissues, this trigger point can then create referral pain that occurs in the neck. This can then turn into what is known as a “satellite trigger point” and broadcast that pain elsewhere. Headaches, for example, can result from a trigger point in your back shooting referral pain to your neck, which then relays it to your head. These can be relieved through trigger point therapy.

If you suffer from pains associated with trigger points, chiropractic care may be able to help!

What is Trigger Point Massage Therapy?

Trigger point therapy is designed to help alleviate pains associated with these tight nodes. Using cycles that consist of pressure and release, a massage therapist can isolate your trigger points and target them for treatment. Trigger point therapy can be used to treat both chronic pain and injury-related issued.

Pain Relief through Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a great way to relieve yourself of pain. It helps to relax the muscles, therefore helping your body to heal itself naturally.

Massage therapy creates a natural, involuntary reaction, known as relaxation response. It helps your heart, breathing, blood pressure, stress hormones, and muscles to react in a positive way. This helps to promote increased circulation of your blood and lymph, which then leads to the reduction of inflammation. This accelerates your body’s natural healing process and lessens any painful areas caused by inflamed muscles or tissues.

Chiropractic Care in Longview & Kelso

At Family Chiropractic Care, we understand how pain can affect your life. Whether you are dealing with trigger points that resulted from an injury or are a chronic reoccurrence, our trigger point therapy can help. During your initial visit, our professionals will determine the source of your pain and how long it has been occurring. We work with you to target trigger points that may be affecting you in more ways than one.

However, trigger point therapy is not the only service we provide. If you need massage therapy in Longview, WA, Family Chiropractic Care offers many other types of services too. Hot stone, essential oil and deep tissue massages are just a few of the therapies we offer clients looking to loosen sore muscles.

Contact us today to find out how Family Chiropractic Care can help you live pain-free, without invasive surgeries or expensive doctor’s visits.