Ways Massage Therapy Can Help With Back Pain in Longview, WA

Eight out of ten American adults experience some form of back pain in their lifetime. Yet, conversely, the United States spends over $50 billion annually on back pain treatments and prevention. In particular, lower back pain accounts for the highest number of job disability cases globally.

Are you among the thousands of individuals who struggle with back pain in Longview, WA?

Well, you might want to consider massage therapy to relieve your back pain. Many people might be more open to massage therapy for back pain after they exhaust other solutions. They might sigh as they notice that their current search for answers has not yielded as many results. These individuals might find that muscle relaxant to other potential solutions may not be as effective.

But massage therapy might be the best solution. It will certainly not hurt to use this solution at least once to see how it can work wonders for you. But you might have a few questions about massage therapy. You may wonder more about what it offers to you and the different types of massage therapy that are available at the present moment.

You might even wonder how you would begin your search for a massage therapist. Thankfully, the answer is simple; you can reach out to professionals at Family Chiropractic Care for your needs today.

Going to a professional will help you take advantage of expertise, knowledge, and overall support to improve your quality of life.

Whether you need nutritional support or lifestyle support as you seek to manage, mitigate, or negate neck pain, remember that Family Chiropractic Care is here for you.

Here’s everything you must know about how massage therapy can help with back pain.


The Research Indicates Massage Therapy can Help with Back Pain

Most people in many areas, in addition to those in Longview, WA may consider massage therapy a leisurely activity that is only meant for people who merely want to relax.

Nonetheless, simple massage therapy could be everything you may need to say goodbye to the collection of pain killers you have placed on your shelves.

Indeed, recent American Massage Therapy Association research indicates that more adults are reaching out and seeking massages over time. Further, more professionals in the healthcare sector realize that massage therapy can be a powerful value add in mitigating back pain issues. These professionals realize that massage therapy can complement lower back treatments.

It is no wonder why more than fifty percent of healthcare providers note that they will suggest their healthcare clients turn to this form of therapy as another aid in their treatment plan.

Recent studies indicate the specific benefits of massage therapy by an effective professional. They note that massage therapy can minimize back pain, elevate the client’s mood, and mitigate anxiety and depression. Of course, they also note that massage therapy can also help improve sleep patterns and improve a patient’s overall quality of life.

Did you know that some studies also indicate that this form of therapy can increase people’s range of motion and certain chemicals in the brain?

The critical point is that a Swedish massage can provide pain relief and help with chronic pain. If you didn’t know, here are ways that massage therapy can be beneficial for your current situation.

#1 A well-designed Massage Therapy Session will Improve your Blood Flow

Improving your blood flow rate can be quite helpful for your back muscles to recover from spasms. Studies have confirmed the real essence of massage therapy sessions in reducing back-related soreness while improving your body’s overall blood flow. In reality, people who lead sedentary lives can take advantage of regular massage sessions to enhance their vascular functions.

#2 Decreasing Muscular Tension

Even though your body needs muscular tension to sustain the right posture, too much of it may cause muscle restrictions and spasms. Clinical evidence has proven the effectiveness of massage therapy in minimizing muscular tensions.

#3 Massage Therapy Increases Endorphin Levels

In fact, massage therapy is globally appreciated for its ability to stimulate endorphin secretion in your body. Endorphins are the secretions the body produces to give you that “high” moment.

The internal excitation associated with massage therapy is highly effective in fostering chronic pain management.

It is complementary to physical therapy and it is no wonder why massage therapists will suggest taking advantage of it. It is a wonderful complementary and alternative medicine that can certainly provide immense value in various ways.


The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Back Pain

There’s nothing as good as getting a low-risk medication-free remedy when you experience back pain. Remember, your back is an essential support system that must be taken care of as regularly as you can. Here’s a brief overview of how regular massage therapy sessions in Longview, WA can be of benefit to you.

  • Soreness recovery– Massage therapy can help you recover from soreness by improving your blood circulation and flow. Whether you had a strain or sprain, improving your blood flow through a massage session could be everything you may need to bounce back to your normal life with great ease.
  • Improving your sleep quality– A massage therapy session can improve your quality of sleep by increasing blood circulation and decreasing muscular tensions. Good sleep makes it easy to stay on course in your recovery journey.
  • Enhancing your range of motion– A good massage will result in a good range of motion by relaxing your muscles and improving your blood flow rate. You only need simple massage sessions if an injury has affected your motion to turn back to your normal operations.


The Various Causes of Pain

There are many different reasons why you may experience spasms and pain.

A few of these are present below.

  • A few lifting sessions that will demand leaning over something (exercises may include lifting something from the trunk of your car)
  • Running on a rough/ uneven pavement
  • Leaning
  • Sitting in a slumped position


What Should You Expect from a Session with a Professional?

It is essential to note that what to expect in a massage session greatly depends on the area of the back experiencing the pain.

Nonetheless, here’s a list of what you must expect any time you enroll for a massage therapy session whenever you are faced with back pains:

  • A massage oil application
  • Smooth movements from your therapist’s hands
  • Palm circling through arm extension exercises
  • Muscle lifting with straightened fingers and spread thumbs
  • Knuckling
  • Back spreads


Apart from these activities, your therapist may recommend any of the following massage techniques:

  • Therapeutic massage targeting a specific part of your back for pain and discomfort relief
  • Shiatsu massage– A Japanese massage that applies pressure over your body in a rhythmic style and is aimed at fostering self-healing.
  • Deep tissue massage is aimed at reaching the inner muscles and connective tissues at a deeper level.
  • Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue and concentrates on kneading and circular movement


Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Sessions

Please follow these tips if you want to get the most out of your massage therapy sessions in Longview, WA:

  • Be open and receptive to the process
  • Be on time
  • Never eat immediately before attending a massage session. Give your body a little time to immerse itself in the session fully.
  • Communication is key
  • Give accurate health information
  • Be frank if you are allergic to some oils and powders
  • Tell the therapist what you would like to do while the session continues
  • Only wear the clothing you will be comfortable with before the session
  • Keep your mind and muscles relaxed
  • Drink more water after the session



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