The Connection Between Sleep and Lower Back Pain in Longview

For optimal wellbeing, you need to take sufficient sleep for the body to get the required rest. However, this can be a challenge to achieve if you are experiencing back pain.

Back pain can be caused by several factors such as long working hours, an accident, or poor diet. When you experience backache, you can have trouble sleeping, affecting your mental health.

Therefore, you have to get effective treatment solutions to help with your back pain. At Family Chiropractic Care, you will get passionate chiropractic experts who can help to ensure that you get effective relief from your chronic lower back pain.

How Lower Back Pain Leads to Poor Sleep

When you get to sleep, you need to have your body pain-free to avoid sleep disturbances. However, this cannot be achieved when you have chronic back pain. You will experience sleep disturbance because of sleep deprivation due to the pain.

To enjoy a disturbance-free night, it is important to have your back checked by Dr. Rick Still of Family Chiropractic Care. He can explain the reasons why you are unable to fall asleep and address your back pain issues.

What does it mean when your Back Hurts After Sleeping

When you experience back pain after sleeping, it could be several reasons. First, it could be due to poor sleeping positions, which strain your spine. This leads to back strain and increases stress on your joints. Sleeping on your stomach regularly can increase the chances of feeling back pain frequently.

Overworking and overstraining your body during daily physical activity can also be a major contributor to your back pain.

How Poor Sleep Makes Back Pain Worse

If you experience sleep deprivation or sleep with the wrong posture, you will likely hurt your back and experience chronic low back pain.

If you do not sleep well, the growth of hormones is shut down, the nighttime releases of relieving hormones, and the healing of the body is not produced.

Poor sleep is also likely to intensify pain sensitivity. It reduces body pain tolerance making the central nervous system more sensitive to the pain.

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

If you have inadequate sleep, you will likely have increased inflammation and low back pain. And finally, you will get depression if you do not have a good sleep, which also causes back pain.

Therefore, you need to sleep well, which will make you painless; many problems caused by lack of sleep are likely reduced when you have a good sleep.

How to Reduce Your Chronic Pain

Lifestyle factors have caused back pain and sleep problems. Research shows that you can significantly reduce chronic pain symptoms and enable you to lead a comfortable life with lifestyle changes.

Exercise has been identified as strongly associated with reduced acute low back pain. We usually advise our patients to increase their exercise routines to improve their body and brain conditions. Physical activity that involves twisting can improve your natural curve and at the same time reduce strain which causes musculoskeletal pain.

Our specialist will advise you on several things. You need to find a new mattress since a mattress that is old and saggy or simply too firm or too soft can aggravate back pain.

Sleeping on a mattress that provides the proper support and comfort is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. You will get into the right sleeping positions on a comfortable bed.

Adjustable beds should also be considered; many people who suffer from lower back or neck pain find sleeping slightly reclining is more comfortable.

Stretching out painful areas to loosen back muscles before bedtime may help release muscle tension. Local heat therapy, such as a heating pad, aids in stretching and relieving soft tissues around the spine. These two simple actions may alleviate your discomfort enough to allow you to sleep. Our chiropractic specialist will help you stretch out to relieve pain.

Change your sleeping position and ensure that you are lying in bed on one side, curled into a fetal position, with a pillow between the knees, which may aid spinal alignment and tension relief.

Sleeping on your back with your knees slightly elevated by a pillow and another flat pillow tucked under your head may promote spinal alignment and reduce stress on pressure points. As previously stated, sleeping on the back with the upper body reclined and the knees slightly bent reduces stress across the lower back.

Mindful meditation, further research has shown to reduce the perception of pain and may provide enough relief to relax. Other soothing bedtime rituals, such as peaceful visualization or focused inhaling, may help divert attention away from the back pain and create a comfortable environment.

Get Treatment for Your Chronic Pain Condition in Longview, WA

You need to correct and fix your sleep problems to have a fruitful life. That is why we focus on offering patient-centered care at our practice, where we determine the root cause of your acute back pain and start corrective treatment procedures immediately.

Chiropractors are well-trained and knowledgeable professionals who can diagnose your pain condition and devise a treatment and management plan to provide effective solutions.

Our practices can reduce the strain that can hinder optimal wellness. We base our practice on research to find the best treatment solution for our clients. Contact Family Chiropractic Care at to schedule an appointment.