3 Easy Stretches to Help Low Back Pain

Have you been experiencing lower back pain? Back pain is something you should take seriously. Ignoring your pain will not make it go away and can actually make things worse for you in the future. Read on to learn 3 stretches you can do each day to reduce lower back pain. Low Back Pain Stretches […]

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Treatment for Low Back Sprains and Strains

Low back pain can cause a lot of problems in your day-to-day life. It affects how you function throughout your day and can lead to a dangerous shift in your posture as you try to find a position that doesn’t cause pain. It can also lead to days of missed work as you seek treatment […]

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3 Exercises for Low Back Pain Relief

Low back pain can negatively affect even the smallest daily tasks, such as tying your shoe or picking up your child. If the pain is bad enough, you may think your only option is surgery. You might be wrong. Your local chiropractor in Longview, WA wants you to know surgery is not always the answer. […]

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