How Stress Affects Your Posture

How Does Stress Affect Your Posture?

Poor posture is caused by an array of emotional, physical, and chemical factors in life. Certain muscles tighten up while others lengthen during our daily routine, which impacts posture in the long term. For example, driving a lot can cause bad posture and therefore back and neck problems. Emotional conditions also affect posture such as emotional trauma and stress.

Stress can cause a lot of health problems such as depression, high blood pressure, headaches, and heart disease. Bad posture is also one of the conditions that is caused by the body’s’ stress response, and can be harmful to health.

How Poor Posture Affects Your Health

When our posture is bad, people often slouch and curve their body inward while sitting. This leads to bad airflow, decreased blood flow, and energy levels. Bad posture over a period of time can cause back, knee, wrist, and neck pain. These conditions can lead to bad mood and added stress.

Family Chiropractic Care Posture Treatments

When we sit and walk with good posture our organs work better, our lungs get more air, and our digestion works better. Consciously being aware of posture can actually put us in a better mood and create a boost in confidence. Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA offers many services to help correct posture.

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