Posture Screenings : What are they?

If you are considering having a posture screening, you may be wondering exactly what your chiropractor may be looking for, what the results could mean for you, and whether it is even necessary in the first place. Because posture screenings use the most advanced technology to pinpoint any areas of concern and get a picture of underlying spinal problems, your chiropractor can use your screening results as a tool to address issues you may not even know you had, leading to a renewed feeling of well-being that comes from proper alignment and superior spinal health.

Why Should I Get A Posture Screening?

Spinal and postural screenings are highly recommended for people with recurring pain or discomfort, or for patients who are unable to get relief using traditional methods of pain management. Having a full scan of your spine as well as an assessment of your posture can be a vital tool for effective treatment, as the screening can give your chiropractor insight into the root cause of the nagging pain, stopping it at the source. Once your spinal and postural screening has been completed, your chiropractor can use the results as a visual map of potential causes of your discomfort, and use these findings to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Many people have issues with their posture that affect their entire well-being, without even realizing it! Poor posture can lead to a variety of problems, including neck pain, back pain, hip pain, digestive issues, and leg pain. How you carry yourself is very important: using the findings from a posture screening, your chiropractor can perform effective adjustments and make recommendations for naturally correcting your posture, helping you to feel better and walk taller!

If you have been thinking about undergoing a spinal and postural screening but still have questions, Family Chiropractic Care has answers! Our caring staff of professionals is here to provide detailed information about posture screenings and any other service we offer. We can carefully explain the posture screening process from start to finish, so you have no surprises when you come for your screening.

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