How Chiropractors Can Help When Your Doctor Can’t

How Chiropractors Can Help When Your Doctor Cant Chiropractors are an alternative to regular doctor care, and can help in ways that a doctor can’t. Services can be performed in conjunction with traditional care to help alleviate pain quicker and focus on the underlying cause of pain when an illness or disease isn’t present.

What can a chiropractor offer that a doctor can’t?

At our office in Longview WA, we provide:

Immediate Relief

Complete treatment plans can be offered, but most patients experience immediate relief after one visit to the chiropractor. Most patients state that after their first visit, they experience temporary relief, and by the end of the second or third session, complete relief is experienced.

Immediate relief is offered in a gentle manner where the body’s joints are aligned to release undue stress and pressure.

No Prescription Medications

Prescription medications are not part of a chiropractor’s care. Pain medications can be helpful, but these medications have side effects and can result in dependency. Even over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen and Tylenol, can cause damage to your stomach lining and liver.

The added costs of medication simply add to a patient’s stress and anxiety.

Only 45% of patients that are prescribed medications for back pain find any form of relief. Chiropractors can offer this same level of relief – minus the extra financial strain of costly medications and the unwanted side effects that can make you feel worse than when you entered the office.

Alternative to Surgery

When back pain is severe and long-lasting, most doctors will recommend surgery. Invasive, lengthy and potentially dangerous, any type of surgery has severe risks – especially when the spinal column is included.

Chiropractic care is non-invasive and relieves discomfort, pain and stress on the spine.

Immediate relief is often felt even in patients that have severe back pain where traditional medical attention has not been able to provide relief.

Specialists of the joints, chiropractors offer assistance that goes beyond the spine and disease or illness. Doctors are trained to find illness and disease, but they often don’t know how to target the root cause of back, neck and joint pains – this is what a chiropractor offers.

When traditional medicine is stumped, a chiropractor can go beyond the illness and disease to target the root cause of the pain.

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