Find Out What You Should Do For Sciatica Relief!

Do you have leg pain? Are you tired of fighting with your sciatica? How do you even get sciatica? This nerve pain is usually caused by a herniated disk. The large than normal disk can bulge or move slightly into the spinal canal, pinching your sciatic nerve. Here’s what you need to do to help get fast sciatica relief.

  1. Seek Chiropractic Care
    Chiropractic care may get you relief that other therapies did not. In fact, over 60% of patients that tried other remedies and then tried spinal manipulation said that they had the same amount of pain relief as those people who later sought surgery. Benefits from chiropractic care can last for up to a year. It also helps reduce inflammation and you can start to see results much quicker than other remedies.
  2. Acupuncture
    Like the idea of getting stuck with a needle? Some patients experience relief their first session but like most treatments, consistency is key. You may need up to 12 or more treatments to experience complete relief.
  3. Yoga
    As a part of the stretching and exercise that yoga entails, using yoga in mild forms may reduce your sciatica pain. It helps improve muscle strength that can support the core and help you to not aggravate the sciatica.
  4. Massage Therapy
    Now you have a good excuse to go and relax! Massage therapy can help relax the muscles that may be pinching your sciatic nerve. If you have pressure applied to these specific areas, you can see relief if this is the specific reason for your pain. Like most treatments, if after a few treatments you aren’t seeing any improvement you should try another type of therapy.
  5. Use Ice
    Using ice in the painful area can help reduce the pain. Heat works in much the same way. Try using it for 15 minute increments.
  6. Use Topical Ointments
    There are a lot of pain relievers out there that can help with inflammation and pain relief. You can try St. John’s wort oil, cayenne pepper cream, capsaicin or other over the counter medications.

Sciatica Relief at Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA

Family Chiropractic Care offers chiropractic care and massage therapy for sciatica and sciatica relief. We conveniently offer services to anyone in Longview, WA or Kelso, WA. If you’ve tried at-home methods for sciatica relief and pain has not subsided – then contact us today!