Full Body Massage VS Full Hot Stone Massage

You see it and hear it all over the internet and at every massage parlor: what is the difference between the massages you offer? As many can see, the two most popular forms of massage are the full body, or Swedish, massage and a hot stone massage. They know they want to get a massage, but what is the difference between the two, and which one will be best for them?

From a quick Google search, looking for the difference in types of massages is a common question, with whole web-pages devoted to detailing the difference between the different types of massage. Most of these tell the difference between all types of massages, but few deal only with the differences between the full body and hot stone massage.

The first difference between the two is obvious: a masseuse performing a full body massage will use their hands while a masseuse performing a hot stone massage will first apply hot stones then use those stones to massage your body with. Moreover, with the full body massage, the masseuse will perform a mixture of techniques, including kneading, rolling, and stroking the back to relax and work kinks out of muscles. These actions are the physical labor of the masseuse while the hot stone massage allows the heat from the rocks to relax the muscles.

The second difference between the two is the aim of each. The full body massage is most often used on those who don’t have experience getting a massage or those who need to release tension in their muscles. Hot stone massages are most often used by those looking to relax and “center” themselves.

This also leads to a few similarities between the two. Both are particularly adept at releasing built up tension and kinks in the muscles that are causing you pain. Much of this tension is released through the differing actions that the masseuse will perform on your back muscles, but the end result is still the same.

Ultimately, it may be very helpful to ask the massage business you are going to which massage they suggest you get. There could be specific issues that you are having that would make the masseuse suggest either of the massages discussed in this article or another type of massage. Those that work at massage parlors know their business and can suggest the type of massage that will work best for you!

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