Professional Chiropractor in Longview, WA Explains Common Causes of Neck Pain

Common causes of neck pain | Longview WA Chiropractor Neck pain can be burdensome and affect your daily life in a number of ways, such as sleeplessness, inability to work for extended periods of time and decreased physical activity.  However, the root cause of your neck pain may not be clear. To achieve long-term relief from chiropractic care, you may need to make lifestyle adjustments, adequately rest your neck to heal the muscles and/or receive medical intervention. If you are suffering from neck pain, the Family Chiropractic Care team in Longview, WA, most often treats the following common causes of neck pain:

  1. Improper posture: Repetitive slouching puts stress on both the neck and shoulder muscles, which can induce neck pain.
  2. Working at a computer: Individuals who spend extended amounts of time working at a computer on a regular basis may be most at risk for developing chronic neck pain. Looking at a computer screen that is not positioned at eye-level causes a person to turn their head downwards creating an imbalance of weight on the neck muscles.
  3. Flattened or overstuffed pillow: A pillow that has lost its cushion forces the neck to extend at odd angles just as an overstuffed pillow pushes the head towards the chin or shoulders. This contortion of the neck can produce neck tension and pain.
  4. Cervical spinal stenosis: As a result of normal wear and tear due to aging, cervical spinal stenosis is a breakdown of the discs and joint facets in the neck leading to compression of the spine. Symptoms of spinal stenosis, aside from intense neck pain, may also include shooting pains, sensations of electrical shocks and weakness in one or both arms.
  5. Cervical herniated disc: Known as a cervical herniated disc, an injury to a specific disc located in the neck can provoke neck pain and symptoms similar to spinal stenosis, but to a lesser degree of severity.
  6. Cervical degenerative disc disease: Labelled as a by-product of aging, degenerative disc disease may come and go with some episodes more painful than others.
  7. Cervical osteoarthritis: This condition causes neck pain as a result of the deterioration of joint cartilage. If a person feels neck pain in the morning, at night, before a rainstorm and on a cold day, cervical osteoarthritis may be to blame.

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