Why You Should See A Chiropractor During The Winter

For many, winter often comes with feelings of pains, aches, and overall stiffness in the joints. The falling temperatures of the season are said to be responsible for this discomfort. Experts believe that the drop in barometric pressure during winter causes muscles, tendons, and surrounding tissues to expand. This causes pain since there is now a confined space within the body. It is still unclear why some people react badly to changes in temperature during winter, and others do not.

However, clear steps can be taken from those who suffer this discomfort to ensure they remain comfortable and reduce the level of pain they experience every winter. One vital step to take is to sign up for chiropractic treatment during winter.

In addition to decreasing joint pain, chiropractic treatment also reduces neck and back pain brought on by such factors as muscle imbalances, joint restriction, and joint dysfunction. In addition, chiropractic care preserves the flexibility of your spinal joints to allow you to move about freely during winter.  The benefits of this type of treatment are virtually endless. Here is what you need to know about seeing a chiropractor during the cold and flu season.


Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor during Winter

The reasons and benefits of receiving chiropractic treatment during winter include:

Prevents stiff muscles and reduces joint pain

During winter, people’s muscles experience stiffness and sometimes become inflexible, making it very difficult to stretch. Cold air causes the fluid within the joints to experience restricted movement, which makes the joints stiff and difficult to flex. If you have been experiencing neck pain because of cold weather, contact the top chiropractor, Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA.

A visit to the chiropractor could help prevent this stiffness. The treatment ensures that your spine always stays properly aligned. This type of treatment also ensures that your joints and muscles remain loose at all times, thereby reducing any pains that the cold weather may have caused.

It’s already been established that some people are more susceptible to these pains than others. For instance, people who live with chronic pain and arthritis are more susceptible to more pains in winter. People, who suffer from depression, may also feel increased physical pain in their joints in the winter season. Anyone could also develop pains from carrying heavy winter coats.

Unless taken care of, these pains could cause a lot of discomforts and limited mobility. Gentle spinal adjustments from your chiropractor could relieve any additional inflammation and stiffness during this time of the year.

Prevents Cold and Flu

The winter season is also sometimes called the cold and flu season, and for a good reason. During the winter season, many people experience stress and other challenges which could affect their immune systems.

Chiropractic treatment includes spinal adjustments that could help boost the immune system and improve the general functioning of the nervous system. This is one natural way to ensure the body remains healthy. It is one of the best ways of fighting the spread of bacteria, viruses, germs, and illnesses that fill the air during the winter season.

Reduces the Risk of Injuries During Winter

The winter weather sometimes ushers in a season of slippery floors, thanks to all the ice on the ground. This means one would have to be in the best physical shape to prevent slipping and falling on ice. Joint pains can make one more susceptible to these types of slips and falls. Seeing a chiropractor during this period can help keep you in better physical shape.

Alternatively, some people who suffer joint pains may choose to remain indoors more than is necessary during the winter season for fear of falling on slippery grounds. However, prolonged periods of sitting and laying down could cause even more pain and discomfort. Seeing a chiropractor during the wintertime will help prevent future health issues from developing due to prolonged periods of staying indoors.

Other Ways to Reduce Pain During Winter

Here are other things you could do at home to reduce body pain during winter.

These include:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Building muscle strength by doing simple exercises at home
  • Remaining positive to prevent depression.
  • Using heating pads to relax your muscles
  • Remain active during winter to keep your joints flexible


These suggestions are all about living a healthy lifestyle. It is about improving your immune system and strengthening your overall system to withstand the cold season today and throughout your life.


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