Why Relaxation and Sleep Is So Important to Your Chiropractic Health

Are you getting enough sleep and relaxation in your day? You might have a stressful job or life, but making sure you get a healthy dose of relaxation and sleep can be beneficial to your chiropractic health. Learn more about how much sleep you should be getting each day and the various benefits it can have with your health.

Embrace Treating Yourself

Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Why not treat yourself to a massage or some other relaxing activity? Getting a massage can help release stress and anxiety you might be having in your life. It can also loosen up those tight muscles and back pain.

If getting a massage isn’t your thing, consider watching a comedy in your pajamas. Laughing can be very healthful since it can help reduce anxiety and helps with relaxing our muscles.

Whatever makes you relax, whether it’s reading an exciting book or doing some yoga, it can help prevent you from feeling so overwhelmed with your daily life and lower your blood pressure and other tension-related pains like headaches, helps reduce insomnia, and even decrease muscle and joint pains. So, the next time you have the chance to get a little relaxing time, treat yourself to it for some health benefits!


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Chiropractic Care & Sleep

Taking care of your body isn’t always about eating healthy and exercising. It also includes making sure you have the best spinal alignment and posture. You can always set an appointment with a chiropractor like Dr. Still at Family Chiropractic Care to make sure you don’t have a misalignment.

Having poor posture and misalignments can cause other health problems like misshapen bones and cause other aches and pains. This can all be prevented by taking care of your spinal alignment and maintaining a proper posture. You can talk to your chiropractor to with some lifestyle advice on how to manage your posture.

Dr. Still can also give you some healthy living advice when it comes to the best ways of sleeping that can support your spine. Having the proper mattress and pillow can support your back and spine when you go to sleep. This can be essential in getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeping is very important to your chiropractic health and your overall health since it restores and heals your body.

Your mind and body need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to get proper rest. Not getting enough sleep at night can lead to other health issues such as heart disease, depression, and headaches.

If you live in Longview, WA area, consider Family Chiropractic Care for you and your family’s chiropractic health needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment with Family Chiropractic Care. Dr. Still and his team of professional experts can help you feel healthier and happier!