A Whole Body View To Wellness

When you think of wellness you probably think of one part of your body had a time. Your back hurts, you have a headache, your nose is running, you have anxiety, but what you don’t realize is more than one part of your body comes in to play with most disease and illness. It’s important to look beyond the acute area of discomfort, and look deeper. Our whole bodies are interconnected, and when one thing is off it can affect another. It’s good to look at a whole body view of wellness.


You may be wondering what I mean when I say a whole body approach to wellness. Let’s look at something like shoulder pain for example. You might think that there’s something wrong with your shoulder when the problem is actually deeper. The actual cause of the problem may be pressure on the nerves in your neck. This could be caused by muscle strain or tight muscles in the neck. Your shoulder is connected to your neck and your shoulder pain is a byproduct of the problem in your neck.


Another thing we can look at is something like digestive problems. The problem might not be something you ate, but stress and tension. Stress can cause muscles to tension in your body, and these muscles can actually create your digestive problems. The muscle tension is actually causing your digestive problems, and stress is causing the muscle tension. A quick trip to the chiropractor or massage therapist can help realign your body, and get you feeling better quickly.


The big toe is a perfect example of how our body is interconnected. This little appendage takes about 40% of the load when you walk or run. It is crucial for maintaining balance and anyone that has broken it can tell you it’s not fun. Your entire balance is thrown off without it working properly. Many people end up wearing walking boots with a broken toe to allow for safe, comfortable walking.  Who would’ve thought such a small part of your body could affect something we all take for granted like walking.


The next time something hurts or you have minor illness try looking at it differently. Try seeing what other parts are interconnected and if there’s any issues with them. Always look for solutions that treat the root of the problem instead of the symptoms. It might just help you recover faster.