What to Expect from Your First Deep Tissue Massage

What to Expect from Your First Deep Tissue Massage 

Do you run a lot and suffer from tense muscles? Is your sciatica affecting your daily routine? Perhaps you’ve starting to think; I wish there was deep tissue massage near me. Well, this would definitely be beneficial if you’re suffering from discomfort. At Family Chiropractic Care, we offer deep tissue massage in Longview, WA. But first, let’s learn a bit more about this treatment so that you can make up your mind.


During your first session, you’ll be asked to lie down comfortably under a sheet. A therapist will make you feel comfortable before using kneading and stroking techniques on the muscles. The technique is used for the inner layers of muscles. You can let them know the problem areas where pressure can be applied. The amount of pressure they use will depend on the area being targeted. Always let a therapist know if it’s uncomfortable for you.


You may be wondering what the benefits of deep tissue massage are. Well, you can enjoy the physical and psychological benefits from this treatment. If you’re feeling stressed and worn out after a hard week, you’ll find a deep tissue massage relaxing. Those with anxiety and low moods can also benefit from massage therapy. You can unwind and feel better during and after the treatment. In addition, a lot of people use a deep tissue massage session to relieve muscle pain and discomfort, as well as improve stiffness. In particular, those with sciatica, lower back pain, and sports injuries can benefit from this technique. The technique used can help to increase circulation and encourage the healing of tense and inflamed muscles.


Some people will feel soreness or tenderness for a few days after deep tissue massage. This can be due to the firm pressure that is used. But this is not something that stops you coming back and the benefits you can enjoy are much greater. It’s recommended that you drink plenty of water before and after deep tissue massage. This is going to help and keep you hydrated.


So, instead of Googling ‘deep tissue massage near me’, contact us at Family Chiropractic Care today. Our experienced and friendly team can make you feel comfortable and make sure that your discomfort is a problem of the past. We offer a range of massage therapy treatments for everyone. You can read our reviews to see what everyone has to say about us.