Using Essential Oils For Massage

Do you like your massage therapist using essential oils during your massage? There are several benefits you can gain by having essential oils added to your massage. Learn more about the benefits these essential oils can contain.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

By adding aromatherapy to your massage, you can create a more beneficial massage for your individual needs. Aromatherapy is when your massage therapist adds essential oils to their massage oils during your massage therapy. They will know the right essential oils to use to help calm or cleanse your body.


Best Essential Oils for Massages

It’s important to know that you shouldn’t do this yourself without extensive knowledge of essential oils, because while they are healthy, they should never be used without diluting them correctly. Here are a few essential oils for a massage you can ask your massage therapist about to see if they can add it to their massage oil.


Hinoki Essential Oil

Are you looking for a massage to help you feel more energetic? If you are looking for an essential oil to help get some much-needed rest, try Hinoki. Hinoki essential oils can be added to your massage oil and help you feel calmer and relaxed than you have been. It’s also beneficial in helping those with stress and anxiety. You should ask if your massage therapist can add some of this to your massage the next time you decide to spoil yourself.

Geranium Essential Oil

This Geranium essential oil can also promote relaxing sensations for your body. However, this oil is also beneficial for your skin such as acne and other skin conditions. Your massage therapist can apply their massage oils to places where you have acne to help clear your skin. It can also provide better circulation and revitalize your body tissues. This oil is excellent in helping those who have muscle cramps and need extra relief.


Lavender Essential Oil

Most of you have probably heard of lavender oil. It’s very popular and for a good reason too. This essential oil can help your anxiety and stress levels, especially with its soothing aroma. However, it also has other health benefits such as helping those with insomnia get some much-needed rest.

Best Massage in Longview, WA

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