Treat Scoliosis with Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA

For those looking for gentle and drug-free solutions to treat scoliosis, chiropractic care is a reliable option to consider. Not only can chiropractors address many symptoms, but ongoing care has shown remarked improvements in the spine curvature and degree of disability of those with scoliosis. [1] While chiropractic treatment may not be the only form of action you seek to reduce the intensity of scoliosis, [3] it certainly offers evidence-based reasons to incorporate it as part of an overall treatment and pain management plan. [1] Read on to learn how chiropractic treatment can improve scoliosis. 

When surgery just isn’t an option, those with scoliosis look to resources like physical therapy and orthopedic care to treat their symptoms. [2] As of late, more people are choosing chiropractic care instead for its better ability to reduce symptoms and the number of pain individuals with this condition experience. [1] Massage therapy is another tool that can be integrated as part of a treatment plan. Many massage techniques are woven into the approaches chiropractor takes to reduce symptoms of scoliosis. [3]

If you are looking for help with your scoliosis treatment from an experienced and effective chiropractor, reach out to Family Chiropractic Care today. Our experienced chiropractor will provide a general regimen that ranges from chiropractic adjustments that will complement professional medical advice. Work with Dr. Rick Still for your manipulative and rehabilitative therapy today. From neck pain to scoliosis-specific chiropractic treatment, our chiropractic doctor is here to help.

How Does Scoliosis Affect The Spine?

Individuals without scoliosis have spines that are cushioned by cartilage, allowing them the flexibility that the vertebrae need to move without discomfort. These individuals also have stacked vertebrae with cartilage discs resting in between each vertebra. The setup of the parts of the spine and the cushioning effect of the cartilage allows a person to move normally without discomfort. In scoliosis, however, the spine has unnatural curvation, whereby the vertebrae tilts.

The tilting causes vertebrae to rub against one another without the right amount of cushioning to prevent discomfort. The impact of even a minor curvation can cause extreme pain in individuals with scoliosis as they lack the supportive tissue to move comfortably. As if this pain weren’t enough, this degree of misalignment can cause other issues to arise, such as bone spurs and strain on joints. Nerve pinching is another byproduct of scoliosis. Individuals experience problems like back pain, muscle spasms, and pain in other parts of the body. [1]

How Chiropractic Care Can Help People with Scoliosis?

As of yet, the only way to straighten a spine with scoliosis is to go through surgery. These surgeries are reserved for people who have curves of fifty degrees or more. Chiropractic care is one tool that can be used to prevent constant curvature from taking place. Those unqualified for surgery must use regular pain management tools to control the curvature from worsening over time.

Left untreated, the curvation can impact digestion and the ability to function. Relying on tools like chiropractic care gives the individual a way to reduce the significance of spinal curvation so that long-term problems cease to exist. The key to using chiropractic treatment is in the consistency of regular visits. As the chiropractor works to improve spinal alignment, the individual will experience less and less discomfort with every visit. [2]

Reasons Why Chiropractic Care Is Good For Scoliosis

Chiropractic care is often more effective at treating spinal issues like scoliosis than other types of medical care. One of the reasons for this is that chiropractic care is a form of holistic treatment. Given that holistic treatments consider the whole person [3], the chiropractors’ work considers how the entire body functions together.

No parts are left unconsidered in terms of how they are impacted by spine curvation. The goal in chiropractic care is to get the body to heal itself through regaining proper alignment of the spine and joints. Chiropractic care is the only treatment that can address multiple symptoms without using drugs and surgery. You can tackle misaligned joints, muscle pain, and compressed discs using a comprehensive plan developed by your chiropractor. [1]

Benefits of Chiropractic Care For Scoliosis Patients

Here are a few of the benefits that healthcare professionals and spinal health professionals note with scoliosis care.

  • The treatment received is comprehensive and specific to one’s needs. 
  • You will find relief from scoliosis symptoms, without the use of drugs or complex surgeries. 
  • You can prevent the continued curvation of the spine and the after-effects of this, enhancing your quality of life and overall health. 
  • You can reduce muscle spasms, aching joints, as well as nerve pain, and nerve pinching with regular, ongoing visits. 
  • You may experience an improved reduction of symptoms than you would through physical therapy and orthopedic care combined. 

Chiropractic Care for Scoliosis in Longview, WA

Treating scoliosis is based on the severity of spinal curvation and the related impact that has on the individual. When surgery or medication are not options, integrating chiropractic care as part of one’s treatment plan for pain management and symptom reduction may be beneficial. Ideally, persons struggling with scoliosis will incorporate chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, and orthopedic care, collectively, to benefit from the most effective pain management plan possible. [3] Don’t let scoliosis impair your ability to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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