Top 3 Reasons to Seek Whiplash Injury Treatment

You were just in a car accident and while you feel fine, your neck feels a little stiff. This could be a sign of whiplash and should not be ignored. Whiplash injuries can take up to 24 hours to develop fully and can include neck stiffness and discomfort along with restrictive movement. Here are three reasons why you should seek whiplash injury treatment as soon as possible.

1.    Delaying Treatment Can Cause Long-Term Pain and Discomfort

While your stiff neck may feel like a minor issue, it can turn into a big problem if not addressed properly and immediately. Whiplash can be quite common after a rear-end collision, but may not be immediately apparent. If you were in an accident, it is in your benefit to be seen by a professional such as the chiropractic specialists at Longview Family Chiropractic Care. Not attending to your injury early can lead to lasting problems for months or years after your accident.

2.    Chiropractors Can Manage the Pain without Medication

Seeing a chiropractor early for whiplash can also minimize or eliminate the need for prescription medication to treat your injury. Since chiropractors use techniques such as manual body manipulation, they can realign your body to reduce your discomfort and remove pain. The goal is to restore your body’s natural alignment, especially along your spinal column. This type of treatment can practically eliminate long-term effects.

3.    Chiropractic Treatment is Non-Invasive

One of the biggest benefits of chiropractic whiplash injury treatment is that it is non-invasive and safe. The treatment types used are specifically geared towards fixing the body as a whole. In this particular case, even though your discomfort might be localized to the neck region, chiropractic treatments will work on the whole spine to reduce and remove pain caused by whiplash. Typical treatments include your chiropractor identifying areas of your body that have restricted movement which can help them determine where you might have vertebrae, muscle, or ligament injury.

Whiplash is typically caused by a forceful jerking or jolting action that happens from a rear-end car accident. This type of injury can start off minor but can turn into a big issue without proper treatment. The chiropractic specialists at Family Chiropractic Care are trained to help identify and treat injuries such as whiplash. Contact us today if you have been in a car accident and suspect you might have an injury.