The Danger of Cracking Your Own Back

Do you have issues with stiffness or tightness in your back? You might be tempted to stretch or crack your back to release some of that tension. Read on to learn the danger of cracking your own back and letting a professional chiropractor do the job instead.

Have You Cracked Your Back Before?


Some people think cracking their own back can relieve any stiff parts of the back. Maybe it does provide some relief when you crack your back, however, despite what everyone else does, don’t crack your own back.


Cracking your own back might seem convenient since you don’t have to go to a chiropractor to fix it for you. It might help the tightness or stiffness emanating from your back. However, this isn’t a permanent solution.


The stiffness will come back, especially if there’s an underlying issue concerning your back or spinal health. A healthy back should be loose and comfortable, therefore, you should get it checked if there is any stiffness or tightness plaguing your back.

Why It’s Dangerous to Crack Your Own Back!

So, what’s the danger of cracking your own back? The real danger from cracking your back is that it could cause those discs in your back to herniate or slip. You might like to stretch your back muscles until they crack just right on a regular basis and nothing happens, but this could be a potential possibility one of these days. This would only make things worse on you and your back health, because this will make you visit your chiropractor to help you through it. Therefore, you should always see a professional to relieve any kind of tightness in the back, because no one want to make it worse.

Scheduling Chiropractic Adjustments

Do you live in or around Longview, Washington area? Well, you are in luck, because Family Chiropractic Care is here for you and your family who needs a great chiropractor. If you are experiencing any tension in your back and need some chiropractic adjustments, we can fit you in for an appointment with Dr. Still. Posture and spinal screenings are also offered by Family Chiropractic Care, especially if you are experiencing any back or lower back pain. It’s always safer to have a professional crack your back or figure out the reasoning behind the tension.

We specialize in giving all our patients the best care possible. Contact us today to set up an appointment or ask any questions you might have about how your back health.