Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy for a Pulled Muscle

Have you ever battled muscle pull in your life, or are you battling one currently? Have your muscle stimulating treatments been failing you? Have you considered massage as the ultimate therapy for your muscle pulls?

Well, you are headed in the right direction as there are numerous surprising benefits of massage therapy for your pulled muscle. Here are several types of massages and their effects on the muscles.

The Origin of The Massage Therapy and Tissue Massage

Massage comes from the French word massage, which means to knead by friction or force. Hence, a massage is the application of friction or force by a masseur (female massage personnel) or masseuse (male massage personnel) onto the skin by manipulating the muscles to reduce pain and provide relief. Recall that a massage can be done on the back, arms, thigh, lower back, and generally throughout the body.

Massage therapy for muscle pull is a type of massage that involves a lot of massage techniques to reduce the concentration of strain on a particular part of the body.

It is performed by professionally licensed massage therapists and medical practitioners like us as an improperly trained massage therapist can cause more damage than alleviate pain.

How A Deep Tissue Massage Helps in Injury Recovery and Pain

Massage involves the manipulating of skinfolds to reduce pain. But a key question here is what happens when a deep tissue massage takes place?

The following activities take place in your body when you are being massaged:

  •   More circulation of blood around the body
  •   Relaxation of tensed and knotted muscles
  •   The circulated blood helps transport oxygen, nutrients, and essential oils around the body to organs that need them, such as the transfer of calcium to calcium-deficient bones.
  •   More flexibility in muscles and bones, which trigger a healing clause.

These activities are very beneficial to the body and can help in:

  •   Nutrients that heal can be transported around the body to heal internal and scar tissues caused by injuries or surgeries
  •   The blood pumps in nutrients to ensure a faster healing process
  •   It helps to release constricted blood circulation and lymphatic nodules. It also helps people with limited muscle and joint movement to move freely as lack of nutrients causes muscle and joint stiffness, spasms, tremors, and tension.

Muscle therapy is perfect for all types of muscle pulls resulting from accidents or bad posture. It is also ideal for muscular and joint injuries like:

  •   Tennis elbow is caused by placing more strain on the elbows such as cleaners, heavy construction workers, bodybuilders, and office workers. It does not only affect tennis players.
  •   Knee injuries caused by lifting heavy objects, accidents, and bad postures.
  •   Neck injuries caused by poor sleeping posture or sporting activities.
  •   Mysofascial, tendon, and ligament injuries that result in internal swelling.
  •   Repetitive Strain injury caused by repetitive strain on a particular part of the body such as the arm, lower back, or neck due to posture or work.

Types of Massage Therapy for a Pulled Muscle

Here are the types of massage therapy for a pulled muscle.

  • Chair massage: This is a massage that focuses on the upper region such as the lower and upper back, neck, and arm to release light to a medium muscle pull to tension. It is a type of fully clothed massage that introduces you to other deeper massages.
  • Trigger point massage: This type of massage chronic injuries and pains. It focuses on the trigger points or the region of pain concentration that may be causing pain to other parts of the body. It is a light-dress or naked massage that focuses on the entire part of the body to release pain and can range from 1 hour or more inactivity.
  • Sports massage: This is perfect for people with RSI, that is, Repetitive Strain Injury who are prone to injury due to their sporting activity. It can either be a full body massage or an area of concentration massage such as the elbow and involves deep and alternating strikes to relieve the strain. You can be lightly clothed or naked, depending on the individual.
  • Deep tissue massage: As the name implies, it is a type of massage that ensures deep removal of tensions by deep stroking the strained parts with your hands. It is perfect for chronic strain or pain. It is an intense massage that should leave you sore afterward, and then you’ll be relieved.
  • Hot stone massage: This type features the use of heated smooth and rounded stones with or without the use of hands for receiving strains, pulls, and stress. The heated stones are placed in the trigger points to ease muscular tension, promote the circulation of blood and relieve stress. This type of massage is done fully naked or with your underwear if you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Ashiatus massage: This is a type of massage from the Japanese. “Ashi” means feet or leg, while “atus” means pressure. It is the impact of pressure into a targeted area of the body with your feet. It includes the use of the heel and arch to provide significant compression with slight pressure, ideal for large areas such as the arms or thighs.
  • Craniosacral therapy: Crania means facial bone structure. Craniosacral therapy is the application of little pressure to a person’s skull and face to relieve muscular tension or pull. This therapy’s main aim is to increase the limitation of the cranial movement and ensure the proper circulation of blood around the cranium.

Remember that tissue massage and massage therapy from licensed professionals can help you understand the benefits of massage. The Massage therapists and chiropractors from Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA can help you with your muscle pain, your cortisol levels, and chronic pain.

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