Sciatica Treatment in Longview, WA

There are a variety of reasons why individuals seek chiropractic care for chronic diseases that stem from lower back pain, neck pain, and sciatica in Longview WA. A professional like Dr. Still of Family Chiropractic Care can certainly set an appointment with you at his chiropractic office and assess your back pain in Longview WA and surrounding areas.

Dr. Still understands that the healing process for sciatica issues and chronic pain in Longview WA and surrounding areas requires the care of a chiropractor who has the experience, the expertise, and knowledge to provide treatments to patients and minimize pain. Individuals seek to reduce nerve issues and obtain treatment as quickly as possible to optimize their health and quality of life.

Whether you are facing sciatica issues or muscle spasms due to stress, dehydration, or other factors, reach out to a chiropractic professional to obtain the right treatments for your situation.

What You Must Know about Sciatica Treatment and Chronic Pain in Longview, WA

Sciatica treatment

There are many injuries and muscle strains you can get, but not many compare to sciatica pain. This form of muscle pain starts in the lower back and is rather hard to treat. For some people, this form of pain goes away over time. However, some people need some help to treat this uncomfortable muscle strain.

So, what is this muscle strain?  How can it be treated? What triggers it? If you seek answers to these questions, then read on to learn about these aspects and treatment plans for sciatica pain.

What is Sciatica Pain?

This muscle pain is felt by virtually everyone at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, not many people seem to know what this type of pain is or what risk they’re putting themselves in if they ignore it. What’s more,  many people tend to confuse sciatica pain with back pain. While they share some similarities, they differ in many various ways.

Sciatica pain is a type of pain that occurs in the lower part of the body.  It is the name scientists gave to pain caused by strain and inflammation of the sciatic nerve. It starts at the lower back and extends to the muscles behind the foot. Some form of sciatica pain may only reach up to the thigh muscles. However, more severe cases will most likely reach the leg and feet muscles.

What Triggers Sciatica Pain?

Generally, sciatica pain is mainly caused when the sciatic nerve becomes compressed by a herniated disk in the spinal cord. Also, it can be caused by the overgrowth of a bone spur on one of your vertebrates.

The overgrowth of vertebrae and the sciatic nerve’s compression has a higher chance to occur when these factors are present.

Strenuous Activities

You may think strenuous activities are helpful to the body, but many people tend to overwork themselves when performing strenuous activities. For example, many beginners or veterans would try to carry weights that they aren’t recommended to.

Or, you may have to put up with a strenuous job such as construction work. For both of these cases, you highly risk the compression of your sciatic nerve.


Contrary to popular belief, inactivity tends to do more harm to you than good. In this case, it sharply increases the chances of your sciatic nerve getting compressed. Sometimes, it may even increase the chances of your vertebrae overgrowing.


As we grow old, we increasingly get susceptible to certain diseases and pains. One of these pains is sciatic pain. Sciatic pain caused by age is one of the most common reasons people get sciatica because middle-aged and older people cause this disease.


As we all know, diabetes is a condition prevalent in many parts of the world. It is a very deadly disease that’s untreatable. What’s worse is that it can gradually damage other parts of your body. One of the most affected body parts is the lower back’s nerves extending to the legs and feet. Without adequately treating diabetes, it would slowly cause nerve damage to this part of the body. Thus, it is essential to take care of this disease as soon as you can.

Non-Surgical Sciatica Treatments in Longview, WA

If you leave sciatica pain untreated, it could potentially damage the nerves in that part of the body. Luckily, there are some remedies for this part of the body that does not require surgery. They are present below.

CBT for Patients Who Suffer From Nerve Pain

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an amazingly effective way to reduce the pain associated with sciatica.  Although it does not lessen the pain or physically alleviate the pain, it helps to train people to react differently to the pain. Your doctor would first examine you and determine the sciatica pain. Then, they would recommend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to you to mentally battle the effects of the pain. The doctor would assess your disc injuries, back issues, leg pain, knee pain, and muscle spasms to understand the necessary services.

Painkillers for Back Injury or Back Pain Patients in Longview

Painkillers are extremely useful in the present era. They are used to treat a lot of pain, one of which includes sciatic pain. The best painkiller to use in this situation is ibuprofen. This form of anesthetic works in seconds and spreads widely to all parts of your body.

However, when you want to get this painkiller to suppress sciatica pain, it would be best to consult your doctor before purchasing. As much as painkillers are over-the-counter medicines, it’s a different case entirely when you want to treat sciatica pain. If you take too little, you may not have any pain relief.

If you take too much, you could suffer some adverse side effects of an overdose. At the same time, your chiropractor services provider may recommend other treatment options and provide services to minimize reliance on painkillers.

Applying Compression Packs

Applying compression packs can significantly help to suppress sciatic pain. It is recommended to use it after performing any strenuous activity or being inactive for a while. For best results, it is best to switch between hot and cold compression packs. Luckily, you can easily purchase them in stores around you or online. Ask your chiropractic care worker about the use of these packs for back pain and muscle spasms in Longview WA.

Light Exercise in Longview WA

More often than not, light exercise helps to reduce sciatica pain. When you want to perform some light exercise, it would be best to pack some water and hydrate. Some of these light exercises include taking a slow or brisk walk or thoroughly stretching. Your chiropractic care professionals would note that it is often best to alternate these two exercises. Your chiropractor in Longview may recommend services such as nutrition and exercise plans for you to improve your situation holistically.

Chiropractic Care Services For Sciatica Pain

If you suffer from back pain and need a better way to solve your back pain or other nerve-related issues due to disc injuries or other factors, reach out to Family Chiropractic Care in Longview WA.

Chiropractic professional, Dr. Still has several methods to treat sciatic pain efficiently.  He can do this by applying manipulations to the spinal cord to allow the affected herniated disk to get back into place, taking a lot of pressure off the nerves at the lower back.

Besides other services that range from nutrition, exercise regimens, and general advice, a proficient and competent professional like Dr. Still can provide adequate care.

Sciatic pain is arguably one of the most uncomfortable and painful situations you can get into. As such, it is necessary to reach out for treatment as quickly as possible. Call Family Chiropractic Care to set up an appointment and resolve your issues today.