The Number 1 Reason You Should Do Massage Therapy

Massage therapy. When you hear the words you think of relaxing with candles in a softly lit room. While those may not always be the case, there’s one thing that you can always count of with massage therapy, that it will do your body a world of good. We have put together a list of massage therapy benefits so you can determine if you wanna give it a try!

In fact, there’s so many great things about massage therapy, it’s too hard to limit it to just one! Massage therapy can help your body relax and remove stress. Many clients fall asleep during treatment because they are usually so stressed and on the go so often, that just taking a few minutes to slow down overwhelms their body with the total relaxation. Massage can reduce stress you didn’t even know that you were carrying, in a shoulder, lower back or even feet. Massage can remove that built up stress, helping you clear your mind and cope with the day’s problems. Massage therapy even helps to reduce or remove anxiety.

Massage therapy also helps remove toxins from your body. Toxins can be hanging around in your body, just waiting for be flushed out. This is one of the reasons that many massage therapists encourage their client to drink a lot of water after treatment, to help remove those toxins that were loosened up during the massage.

As you age, your joints tend to tighten. Massage helps give back some of that range of motion and muscle flexibility to improve your ability to get around. This is particularly helpful if you are recovering from an injury. Massage can help you rehabilitate the injured area and increase strength while improving flexibility.

And did we mention improved circulation? When you massage any given area, you stimulate the flow of blood in and out of the region. Improved blood flow has a whole host of benefits as blood is what carries nutrients in to and area and waste out. Improving your circulation and blood flow helps improve your overall health.

Your massage therapist can and will find tense spots or knots which will need to be worked out. While it may be a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, it will be worth it to have those knots removed. You’ll feel so much better after your massage.

Massage Therapy at Family Chiropractic Care in Kelso, WA

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