Neck Pain Treatment Options

Is your neck pain interfering with your daily life? If so, seek help from a chiropractor or physician to diagnose the problem and move towards getting help. Treatment of neck pain is vital to avoid long-term problems, and the sooner the problem is rectified, the better it is to fix or prevent damage.

Different neck pain causes require different treatment. Your physician or chiropractor may need to run a blood test or other tests to find the most likely cause. Depending on your personal cause for neck pain, the treatment may be one of several options.

  • Ice and heat therapy: Ice and heat therapy helps with any swelling and can greatly reduce pain felt in the neck. Ice decreases blood flow to the area; heat, when switched in intervals with the ice, brings blood flow back to the area and increases healing.
  • Massage: Massages stimulate blood flow to the area and will help your injury heal faster.
  • Over-the-counter medication: In some cases, taking supplements may help with neck pain. If the patient is dealing with inflammation, muscle relaxants or certain pain medications may help ease pain.
  • Acupuncture: This type of alternative medicine involves using needles to prick trouble areas and alleviate pain.

In addition to the treatments above, a chiropractor can use the following methods to reduce neck pain:

  • Spinal manipulation: Spinal manipulation restores joint movement and reduces neck pain by means of a gentle thrusting motion.
  • Flexion-directed treatment: This is a specific spinal manipulation technique. The chiropractor uses a pumping motion on the intervertebral disc instead of force to ease neck pain.
  •  Trigger-point therapy: Trigger-point therapy is used to directly address tight and aching muscles. It may be useful in specific instances of neck pain.
  • Therapeutic massage: A chiropractor may also utilize certain types of massage (such as deep tissue) to relax tense muscles in the neck.
  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy: If your chiropractor feels it is the best treatment, they might use therapeutic instruments to treat tense and sore muscles.

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