Longview Chiropractor Explains How to Avoid Back Injuries

Longview Chiropractor Explains How to Avoid Back Injuries


We all know how painful back injuries can be. Whether you’ve lifted a heavy object, suddenly twisted in the wrong direction or have poor posture, lower back discomfort can really affect your day. But there are ways you can avoid back injuries in the first place. With the advice of an experienced chiropractor in Longview WA, we’re going to give you some tips.


Lift Objects Properly

We’re all guilty of trying to lift objects that are too heavy. But the worst thing is trying to do this task with the wrong technique. This is a big cause of back pain. Always make sure that you lift with your legs and core muscles; not with your back. In addition, it’s not admitting defeat if you ask someone for help. It’s the best thing to do instead of struggling with back pain!


Practice stretching

Stretching and exercising can help you strengthen your back, as well as improve flexibility. This is something that should be done almost every day. It doesn’t have to be long; just enough to help your back. The stretches can be simple and help to work the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Some examples that you can try include knee-to-chest, the cat-cow stretch, and the supported bridge.


Correct Your Posture 

It’s time you sat with a straight back. Over time, a poor posture places a lot of pressure on your back. This can mean that degenerated discs become painful. The best way you can correct your posture is by investing in an ergonomic chair. This is going to support your body correctly. You also don’t want to be sitting down all day. Try to get up and walk around to relieve your back of pressure.


Visit Your Chiropractor in Longview WA

At Family Chiropractic Care, we can help you if you’re suffering from back pain. With over 34 years, our chiropractor in Longview WA can support you and offer customized treatment so that you can get back to your best in no time. Back pain can be uncomfortable and affect your daily life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can start treatment right now. We also offer lifestyle advice that you can combine with the tips from this article to make changes. If you would like to speak to our team or arrange an appointment, you can contact us today.