Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Senior Citizens in Longview

Chiropractors employ hands-on spinal manipulation as well as other alternative therapies to improve your quality of life. According to its core philosophy, the appropriate positioning of the body’s musculoskeletal system, mainly the spine, will let the body repair itself without surgery or medicine. 

For example, manipulation gets used to restore mobility to joints limited by tissue injury due to a stressful situation, such as a fall, or repetitive stress, such as sitting without proper back support.

Spinal manipulative therapy can certainly be beneficial for elderly patients as it can help with pain relief, serious adverse events, musculoskeletal pain, chronic pain, and even can help with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The Role Of Chiropractic Care In Older Population

Chiropractic Care is one of the most often used alternative and complementary treatments among older individuals, with about 5% of older adults in the United States using it each year.

Musculoskeletal discomfort, most often lower back pain, is the most likely source for older adults to see a Chiropractor. Although musculoskeletal problems are the most likely source for more senior people seeking chiropractic therapy, Chiropractors may also provide a wide range of services to elderly patients.

How Can Chiropractic Care Benefit Senior Citizens?

There are several ways that a chiropractor can help out senior citizens, specifically in improving their lives. Here are a few ways that a senior member of society can get help from chiropractic care:

Chiropractic care can help people with back pain, neck pain, and headaches

Chiropractic care can help with acute and chronic neck discomfort, which can lessen the number of headaches you get – migraines, tension headaches, or something else.

Chiropractors often use neck manipulations to manage neck aches

These are also known as adjustments. These neck adjustments, coupled with exercises, may be more effective in certain situations than pain medicines for neck discomfort. If you’ve experienced neck pain for an extended period that isn’t the result of an injury, you might consider seeing a chiropractor.

Chiropractic care can improve joint mobility and flexibility for seniors

Don’t allow your pain to keep you from doing the things you love. Chiropractic care will help you move more quickly or at least have more flexibility and range of movement by relieving back and joint discomfort. 

Back injuries, as well as joint and tissue deterioration, might impair your ability to maintain balance and perform steady motions. However, you will be able to enhance your coordination and general body alignment with spinal adjustments

Chiropractic care can assist you in reducing spine deterioration. Recall that it can help with misalignment of the spine can cause joint wear and degeneration of the spine’s bones. Bone and joint health will not suffer as a result of correct posture.

Chiropractor’s adjustments may help manage arthritis symptoms

Chiropractic treatment is highly effective for decreasing hand pain-related dysfunction and inflammation. Patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis frequently rely on chiropractic therapy for immediate comfort and remedial care. 

Recall that chiropractic treatment is a superb way to control the discomfort associated with arthritis. It is a risk-free, non-invasive, and all-natural alternative to pain medication. In addition, chiropractors are experts in identifying and correcting deformations and joint problems with gentle and specialized adjustments.

A chiropractor can use the right techniques in treating older adults

The advantages of chiropractic therapy are not confined to physical issues; it is a comprehensive approach that includes mental wellness.

Chiropractic treatments can help reduce the adverse effects of excessive stress. Further, frequent treatments help calm the nervous system and reduce the flight or fight reaction most individuals have when agitated.

Did you know that these treatment modalities can help increase the quality of life as it lower stress chemicals in your body, such as cortisol, reducing the stress response?  Chronic stress may be managed and reduced with chiropractic treatment. It will not only help you reduce your likelihood of getting health problems, but it will also help you feel joyful in your daily life.

A chiropractor can also help to keep patients remain lucid and functional for more prolonged periods

Over 5 million people over the age of 65 show indications of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Remember that Alzheimer’s disease affects the elderly the most, even though it can arise at any age.

Chiropractors conduct a systematic review and use many different treatment modalities to provide pain management for older adults with these types of conditions.

Chiropractic therapy focuses on the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord. Because Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain illness, chiropractic care and its effects on the nervous system have been demonstrated to assist people suffering from the condition.

With the rising prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease among the elderly, chiropractors help patients remain lucid and functional for extended periods.

Questions to Ask a Chiropractor Before Getting Treatment

When you initially meet with a chiropractor, please talk about the techniques they could apply to address your problem. In addition to spinal manipulation, chiropractic care involves various non-drug methods, such as other forms of manual therapy and exercise.

You should ask the chiropractor to clarify or demonstrate the sort of spinal manipulation they do (many chiropractors have photographs or can explain what they perform) so that you are comfortable with it.

If you are not content with the procedure, please remember to ask if there are any other forms of treatment they may use. There are many various ways to conduct alternative therapies for ideal patient comfort while achieving the same aims.

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Chiropractic Care offers advantages that one must consider as it can benefit an elderly individual and help older adults to have a higher quality of life. Whether one seeks to address spinal pain, issues as adults age or aspects related to the cervical spine, the benefits of chiropractic care are certainly robust.

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