The Most Innovative Things Happening With Chiropractors

Chiropractic care was first developed in 1895, and has come a long way since those first years. It’s no longer a fringe pseudoscience. Chiropractic care is now widely accepted in the mainstream as a way to help with many issues.  The original diversified technique is still taught in schools, but there have been many innovations in chiropractic care.

Laser Therapy 

Yes lasers have found their way into chiropractic care.  Many chiropractors are utilizing lasers to help rid patients of a long list of injuries, arthritis, and chronic pain. They use read an infrared lasers to target the affected area and stimulate the cells. This helps to repair the tissue which decreases pain and inflammation. 


The Activator Method

Gone are the days of manual manipulation. A lot of people get nervous when their chiropractor goes to adjust their neck or head. Now some chiropractors use the activator method to get rid of all of that. The activator or gun as it’s sometimes referred to looks like a miniature pogo stick. The chiropractor places it on the point they want to manipulate and the force from the gun gets the bones to start moving into alignment. It’s a minimally invasive way to get chiropractic care.


New Diagnostic Tools 

Some chiropractors are using surface electromyography to get a look inside the patient’s body. This provides chiropractors with the wealth of information about the patient’s muscular patterns. They can use this information to perform better adjustments, and provide their patients with more relief. 


Disc Decompression Machines 

This decompression and some of the most cutting edge chiropractic care available. The machine helps to stretch and relax the spinal cord. All of this is done through computerized technology to ensure the proper amount of stress is placed on the spine. The right amount of pressure means the patient is less likely to experience muscle contractions and pain. The patient feels a ton of relief as the pressure is reduced on their spine. 


Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

This might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s not quite alien technology. This tool uses therapeutic ultrasounds to treat different conditions. Its best uses are for muscle strains and other muscle related injuries. The device uses the ultrasounds to generate large shock waves that help heal the injury. You should use this tool with caution though, because it can denature tissue.


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