The Importance Of Proper Posture While Training

Most of us don’t think about proper posture when we’re training. We are more focused on getting up more weight or pumping out more reps.  Probably think it’s not a big deal. As long as you’re getting the weight of who cares how you’re doing it. You can actually do some damage to your back while training. Here’s why proper posture is so important while training.


Better results

Poor posture can affect the muscles that you’re trying to target. You actually won’t activate them as well with poor posture. When you don’t activate them as well, you won’t get the workout you desire. The muscles won’t train as hard, and you won’t get the desired results. Proper posture also allows you to burn more calories because you can work out more intensely. Poor posture can cause your joints to be out of alignment. This can cause extra stress on the joint, which could lead to joint degeneration like arthritis. Proper alignment allows your body to work out with optimum efficiency. Optimum efficiency will prevent you from experiencing muscle fatigue, and help you squeeze out more reps. If you’re going to put in the time to train you might as well get the best possible results.



Poor posture can lead to injuries, unfortunately. When you have bad posture you leave your back open to all sorts of injuries. Your back isn’t properly stabilized and so it’s easier to injure it. It can also lead to injuries of the connective tissues, muscles, and joints because they’re not in the proper alignment.  An injury can set back your training big time. You may have to stop training for a while, and lose strength in the process.


It can be hard to change your past your habits on your own. There are ways to change these habits though. Corrective exercises are a great way to change your habits. It’s best to go to someone like a chiropractor to learn corrective exercises. Corrective exercises are given based on your unique problems. A professional will assess your issues and then show you which exercises to do. These corrective exercises will strengthen your back, connective tissue you, and muscles so that you don’t have problems anymore. They’ll also improve your posture so that the same problems don’t occur. Call us at (360) 636-2636 for more information on corrective exercises or to get screened by a chiropractor in Longview WA!