How Chiropractic Care Helps Back Pain During Pregnancy

More women experience back pain during pregnancy. About 70 percent of women tend to suffer from back pain during their pregnancy. Many think nothing can be done to relieve their back pain or neck pain, but we remedy pregnant women experiencing back pain and body aches. Other medications to fight back pain in many pregnant patients include yoga (prenatal), a physical therapy like running and lifting weights properly.

Does the Back Hurt when Pregnant

Knowing that many people endure back pain during pregnancy will not eliminate the problem, thus why we recommend regular chiropractic care during pregnancy to counter your back pain. There is a specialist with over thirty years of experience who works to fulfill customers’ needs in our clinic. Many pregnant women visiting our clinics have assured a solution to their joint pain and have a comfortable pregnancy.

When Should a Pregnant Woman Start Going to the Chiropractor

During pregnancy, women tend to produce different hormones crucial in making childbirth easy. Hormones are created to perform the role of softening ligaments loosen around the pelvic region of a pregnant woman.

They also cause joint loosening, which aids in easier labor and delivery. Movement in the joints causes loosening of the supporting ligaments to cause a change in how the back gets support. This causes back pain, and you need chiropractic care during pregnancy

Weight gain

As the baby increasingly gains weight, the mother’s body begins to simultaneously produce amniotic fluid, which leads to carrying all the weight. This weight gain is evident in the ballooning appearance that happens to the mother.

Amniotic fluid is essential for the fetus as it acts as a shock absorber and holds the fetus’s wastes and urine. This weight gain leads to problems as the spine adjusts to support the additional weight. During the process of the spine striving to support and hold the extra added weight, back pain occurs and stretching abdominal muscles to create enough room as the baby grows.

Poor posture

How a pregnant woman carries herself when doing everyday activities like walking, sitting, and sleeping can cause back pain. Excessive bending over or standing for a long time can worsen the situation of back pain.

Most pain and general discomfort are due to how a pregnant woman sits or walks. Chiropractors at the clinic are experienced and can train a patient to achieve good posture during pregnancy to avoid the agony and intrauterine constraint.


Stress intensifies tightness in some parts of the body. New mothers tend to stress as they worry about their new life after conceiving a child. They worry about the health maintenance and wellbeing of the baby, doctor recommendation on cesarean delivery, their body shape, risk of getting complications during birth, and many more.

This stress tightens body parts like the pelvic area and joints and establishes pelvic balance. If the tightness and pelvic changes are not attended to, it leads to many discomforts and even a misaligned pelvis.

Your family chiropractor may recommend more sleep, emotional support from people near you, or prenatal yoga to relieve spinal nerve stress and avoid premature labor.

Center of gravity alteration

As the fetus grows in the mother’s womb, it pushes the tummy outwards, and there is a protruding abdomen and a shift in the body’s center. Center of gravity shifts optimal baby positioning which requires adjustment to balance. The change leads to a shift in posture leading to back pain and other types of pain. It is common to see pregnant women supporting themselves using external supports like walls or just looking exhausted even after a short walk in the third trimester.

Lifestyle advise and nutrition assessment

Nutrition is a crucial subject to the body weight and growing baby. Proper nutrition leads to the healthy processing of a developing baby for both the fetus and the mother. Poor nutrition can cause overweight or underweight to both mother and fetus. Our care has improved outcomes and offers nutrition advice that can act as a boost to avoid gaining unnecessary weight during pregnancy.

What Pregnant Women Should Do During Chiropractic Care

Quitting smoking is related to many vital diseases and conditions among humans. It leads to heart diseases, hydrations of the body system, emphysema, and COPD, leading to an underdeveloped fetus.

Good night’s rest- sleep aids in healing the body and mind. The mind gets enough time to reset from downtimes. A 7-9 hours’ sleep is needed per night to allow the body to recover, repair, and rest.

Drinking a lot of water- for the body to function correctly, a lot of water is needed to facilitate more metabolic processes. Dehydration put one at the risk of dry skin, pulled muscles, exhaustion, gastrointestinal issues, vaginal bleeding, and blood clot.

Relaxation- life stress tends to affect anyone alive throughout waking hours. Pregnant women experiencing stress should consider engaging in relaxation activities like stretching, walking, reading, and swimming. These activities lower blood pressure, decrease tension, reduce severe toxemia, improve the immune system and ease anxious moods.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

You need to do things so that you benefit from chiropractic care.

Spinal and posture screenings: Correct alignment of the spine is the key to the health of one’s body. The spine is the nervous system; thus, a misaligned spine can cause pain even at a slight twist. Aside from posture, the spinal cord supports the whole body. Lengthy poor posture can lead to back pain and distorted bones. Our chiropractic clinic has x-ray guides to take images of spine misalignment, which allows us to offer top-quality chiropractic treatment to our patients. After research, women can correct back issues, including taking x rays on affected parts and getting remedies. They can also take scans and see if the baby is in a breech position by examining the webster technique.

Corrective exercises: These are exercises imposed to correct the spinal column. They help in strengthening back muscles, connecting tissues, and back muscles. Corrective exercise helps correct poor posture, imbalanced muscle mass, and training. These exercises done correctly can help mend spinal correction. We have a special rehabilitation for those with recurrent back pain in the clinic. For cases of synergistic dominance, proper rehabilitation can act as an alternative medicine to heal easily, and this assists in the reduction of breech presentation of the baby.

Consult the Back Pain Relief Experts at Family Chiropractic Care

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