Why Do I Feel Pain When The Weather Changes?

When the warm weather suddenly turns into a cold breeze, we know you instantly have a heads up given the pains you are experiencing in your body. It could either be a pain in your joints, back and bones. It’s a wonder how our body can seemingly predict a change in the weather and serves as signs. That’s not only a wonder but actually has some validity because of the body’s ability to feel barometric pressure changes.

So what are the leading theories on why you pain when the weather changes? It can be really annoying to have these aches and pains. Here’s some helpful information we prepared for you to consider excellent chiropractic care for your benefit.

While you may complain that a damp or rainy weather actually worsens your pain, experts have concluded that it’s not the cold, rain, snow, or wind which bothers you. Rather, it is caused by the change in air pressure which our body can easily detect and feel. As a result, people with arthritis experience increased pain. The key to reducing the pain is definitely going for a check-up to ask for pain relievers through chiropractic care.

Basically, when people experience chronic pain, they tend to be more sensitive when it comes to pain. SO this could explain why people with joint, back, or hip problems are more prone to feel these weather changes. Nevertheless, this is still a hypothesis but is considered as one of the most feasible causes of pain in weather changes.

Scientifically speaking, in higher altitudes, our body reacts less with barometric pressure making us more aware of our surroundings. We expand bigger when there’s less pressure as well. Often, people with chronic pain prefer locations with warm temperatures. Warmer climates are also highly suggested for you since it lessens the chance for you to experience these effects of changes in the weather.

If you’re starting to dread those cold nights and winter breaks now, you don’t really have to with these helpful tips. There are comfort measures that you can make to reduce your pain when it’s becoming colder. By dressing in layers, keeping your home and car heated well, you are certainly on the way for some possible relief. Sweating out and exercising is also a great way to maintain a healthy body and relieve your pain. Lastly, never forget about excellent chiropractic care for your welfare and assured comfort.

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