How a Deep Tissue Massage Can Help Improve Your Running

Sore muscles for those who work out is nothing new. Pain and tightness can cause issues for an athlete and hamper performance. Running, in particular, needs loose muscles for elongated strides. While stretching and practice help, they are not the only ways to aid runners. A deep tissue massage can improve strides and help runners to reach their goals.

  • Relaxation:

First, a deep tissue massage will help relax tense muscles. Relaxing these muscles allows runners increased flexibility. Generally, tense muscles affect the range of motion needed by athletes. These impacts may appear gradual at first, but overall performance can be hurt. Through increased flexibility, a runner may find their stride lengthened and hips rotating more freely. By helping to reduce tension, a deep tissue massage will aid runners in moving more efficiently. In this way, a deep tissue massage can help prevent future injuries for runners.


  • Muscle Pain and Fatigue Relief:

Second, a deep tissue massage can help to reduce muscle pain and fatigue. Muscle pain affects how we move. Because of this, it can lead to the overuse of other muscles and preventable injuries. In this manner, a deep tissue massage helps ease current injuries and issues for runners.


  • Recovery:

Third, a deep tissue massage can speed up the recovery process. New, increased or continual use of muscles can hamper circulation. This can increase inflammation, tightness and tissue shortening. A deep tissue massage can focus on specific areas to help enhance circulation. In addition to reducing inflammation and tightness, increased circulation can prompt a response from the immune system. In doing so, it can promote quicker healing of the massaged muscle. In other words, a deep tissue massage can help runners recover from previous and current injuries and increase immune system functionality.


A deep tissue massage can help a runner improve their performance. It can alleviate past and current injuries. It can also help to prevent future ones. If choosing to use a deep tissue massage to prevent injury, it is best to do so 2 to 3 days prior to an intense work out or race. If opting to use it as a means of recovery, waiting 1 to 2 days after a race is best. This holistic massage can feel intense. A practitioner will be able to help you pinpoint where your pain is coming from to help improve the healing process. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling an appointment, please follow the link to find a deep tissue massage near me in Kelso, WA.